Genuinely Miraculous

When I began my spiritual journey, though I felt a connection to something Higher within, I couldn’t put what I sensed into words. I followed the example of a spiritual woman I deeply admired and, along with other members of ‘the group,’ we shared spiritual growth and lots of fun.

We also received behavior corrections along the way. I knew the process well, because I had been corrected through my childhood—I was clearly imperfect and overly sensitive to the ‘tweaking.’ One time in a restaurant with my mentor and another member of the group, I cried for over two hours. They didn’t know what was wrong with me. I didn’t either until, looking back, I saw myself in that moment squashed to the point of recognizing there was ‘No Goodness’ in me. I couldn’t be who she expected me to be. I was a hopeless cause.

I felt beyond repair when she asked me to leave her home and not come back—but now I know this was the path I chose before I was born. I needed to be squished, to see myself as ugly-to-the-bone so that I would be forced to search for answers to life’s most important questions: Is there a Creator? Who am I? Have I lied to myself about a spiritual purpose? If so, what is my purpose? Where do I come from and why did I land on Earth? (Add yours here.)

In one way or another, answering those questions is why we humans are here. We all have a, ‘I want what I want’ personality and a, ‘How may I serve?’ nature. I’ve often thought, ‘What a crazy way to make humans,’ but to utilize the free will granted us, we are given two halves: ‘My (ego) way and the High (Love) way.’ At some point, no matter how many lifetimes it takes, each of us will drop our false-faces, our delusive egos, and choose the Highway to Love.

And that is genuinely miraculous.,