Dangerous Subjects for Human Beings

One thing about writing a blog is that the writer has to be willing to look at her/himself at a deeper level, even if we don’t know it when we start. We have to be willing to put our thoughts, inspirations and opinions out there and see what comes of them. I often wonder why we humans close our minds to different cultures, races and ideologies, and to heart-centered communication (which is the only effective kind). I wonder, too, about our human opinions, how we each have a set and at some period in our lives, we’re convinced ours are right-on and everyone else is missing some marbles, especially in the areas of religion and politics– dangerous subjects, apparently, for human beings.

The need to dominate others must have evolved with us and it seems very hard to overcome this powerful drive. Many men throughout history have ruled with the iron fist but all were ultimately undone by their own behavior, because this drive is not natural in the universe in which we live. The me-first, iron-fisted state-of-being is projected, like a movie is projected, and fake, like a movie is a story. We are meant to love and heal, to soothe and encourage, to serve and to unite with the Great Mystery to make a difference in the world.

We must all choose who we are and who we will be. How good do I have to be, to be good? What can I get away with and not be bad? What causes the evil things we see in the news? Can we really be a part of healing our world? Yes, but only if we’re willing to respect one another, and walk in the other’s shoes, to see through the other’s eyes–which we can only do if we get out of the way, set aside our opinions and see and listen with our God-sparks. Will our ‘leaders’ transcend their ideologies, set aside their opinions and listen? It’s not impossible, but it is improbable.


2 thoughts on “Dangerous Subjects for Human Beings

  1. We have been locked in to this Patriarchal Age for the last 5700 years in which men have ruled – and look at the mess that has been created by these ‘little Boys’. Now, as we pass from this age into a new age we will see a greater balance arise between men and women. However, it must start with us each individually to be effective – moving from the left brain of the mind to the right brain of the intuitive – heart – compassion – part of who we are. This will be harder for men as we are more left brain because of our cultural conditioning, whereas women are much more right brain due largely because they are the bearers of new life.

    ——– “and a little child shall lead them”


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