Start Over, Knowing You Are Loved

Being a human is always interesting, sometimes challenging and occasionally really, really fun. These last couple of years, though, have been tough on all of us, all six+ billion of us, for one reason or another. Whether through the death of loved ones, illness, violent domination, natural disasters, difficult relationships, bad weather, lost jobs, or lost investments, it has been very hard.

Yet, it is the hard times that cause us to turn within for help, to make the most important contact of all, with He/She who knows the Who, What, When and Why of it all. We are born on this earth to make that contact, to learn from our life experiences and to eventually find peace in our lives, achieving Oneness with ‘All That Is.’ We have so many problems, though, and the ways of the world are certainly not conducive to connecting with our Higher Selves. The pathway to inner peace takes wholehearted commitment, just as every worthwhile effort does. We know how to do this–the seeds are within us.

I don’t know if there is another country of people who feel as much guilt as we Americans do. We’ve been taught the religious ‘rules,’ but they seem unattainable much of the time. I wish our spiritual leaders would focus instead on how much the Great Mystery, the Higher Power–God–loves us. We are each loved beyond measure and many of us don’t know this. We’re certain that when we die we’re not going up, we’re going downstairs to a pit of fire, or at least to somewhere in between. I know that I can’t say what happens for certain, but I do sense Love, from a Divine Father and Mother, extending their arms, calling us Home. Life and death are not about God wanting to banish us from our birthplace. We are here to learn and grow and to know that we are loved–that God has left a light on for us. We need to turn our guilt-thoughts upside-down and inside-out, wash them off, let them air dry in the sun and start over, knowing we are valued, loved and that the goodness residing within us wants to shine.

From 2.27.10


2 thoughts on “Start Over, Knowing You Are Loved

  1. Oh, I love this message, Pam. We get so engulfed in a culture of negativity and guilt. It’s hard to remember sometimes how much we are loved.

    • It so IS that way, Victoria. But all of us LOVE-lovers, COMPASSION-lovers and FORGIVENESS-lovers are going to change the world. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by. Love you.

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