Evil is the Absence of Light

I was thinking the other morning of Michael Brine’s comment on the post “A Portal to Higher Places” –that evil is the absence of light. I wondered, ‘What causes the absence of light?’ Then world conquerors popped into my head, Attila the Hun, Napoleon Bonaparte, Stalin, Hitler, and I thought the absence of light must be about men needing absolute authority over mankind and the land, the water—all of nature. This weakness is why they always fall; they have no respect for other people, the planet and especially our Creator–their Big Target, I suppose.

The strangest thing of all—the really big illusion or lie—is that if men like Moammar Kadafi knew how much they are loved by their Creator and what Love means, what they once had so desired, a grand marble palace, would become to them a rotting outhouse. Ignorance of the Light, which we all have to some degree, can be remedied with a sincere heart.

Madmen, whose cruel hearts contain only a tiny flame of Love, destroy everything in their paths until they declare, ‘There is no Light.’ And they’re right. They destroy the light within themselves and everyone and everything in their way. What a waste.


2 thoughts on “Evil is the Absence of Light

  1. ——— and so let us hope that this “Cleansing” time period we are about to move through during the year ahead will end this sad Patriarchal Age we have endured for several thousand years, along with these pathetic little boys who will now be put to bed – lights out, and told to “Shut the Hell up! 🙂 Michael.

    • Maybe the little boys will have to sit in the corner with a dunce cap on. Nah, the god of Love forgives and life always begins anew, no matter how many times we fall or turn away. It would be good, though, to see some understanding, repentence, and work on behalf of those who are hurting so much. We’re shifting gears now and isn’t it great?

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