A Portal to Higher Places

You know those stories that have portal-magic in them, where the characters can open a gateway, pass through it and escape to another time or world? I love those tales because they affirm my sense that other dimensions and worlds do exist.    

Not every story boils down to the battles between good and evil, but the best ones do. We know they are important because they mimic the shadow-self/Higher-Self struggles we have within ourselves and those between us and the world. We have two natures—the light and the dark—and it is we who must sink or swim. We are capable of great darkness, but we are also cells of the body of the loving universe–and that’s where portals come in.

When everything in this world appears to crumble, it’s time to open our portals and pass into higher dimensions. How do we open a portal? I only know the answer is somewhere deep within the quiet and the peace of our centers. We can’t open a gateway with fear or rage, only with loving confidence. I once read an article that said when we shift our attitudes and actions, we shift into other versions of our lives. We’re married to the same person and have the same work, but it’s lighter or darker there, depending on what we are feeling and thinking. That article put an exclamation point on my sense that we create the circumstances of our own lives.

Remember in the Fellowship of the Ring when Frodo, the hobbit hero, decides they will continue their quest through the mountain and everyone is waiting for Gandalf, the wizard, to open the way, but no matter what he does, the door won’t cooperate? I think it was Frodo who used the word ‘Friend’ and the door opened. Isn’t that interesting—that the answer lay in friendship? I believe that’s because we humans must learn to make friends with ourselves, our pasts (‘sins’ and mistakes, all) and then make peace with those around us. From there the peace spreads and, together, we have opened portals to higher places.


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  1. The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card is the great novel along those lines dealing with Gate Magic. It is one of my favorite books I’ve read in awhile and this post reminded me about it. It’s wonderful!

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