Signs of the Times

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, Courtesy of

When one age ends and another begins, when everything is in flux, when Mother Earth is actively making her own adjustments, should we be thinking of ourselves and what we want? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself.

We each come to Earth with a mission—do you know yours? It’s likely that all of us have an assignment related to these changing times, whether it’s creating a new, healing technology or becoming a peace ambassador.

Another question: Is our planet a great being who gave herself for us to have a home? This one I can answer: Yes, and when we lost that knowing, we lost love and respect for our Great Sustainer.

Isn’t it odd that we long for beautiful, quiet places, yet we methodically destroy them to take what we want, like minerals or oil or to dig giant holes to build tall buildings? We do these things to create wealth by fulfilling personal desires—desires that eventually drag us down, leaving us muddled and feeling empty, as we pretend we’ve had no part in poisoning our home planet. Love, simplicity, connection and the beauty of nature—not stacks of gold—fill us with warmth and joy.

I wonder what all that digging feels like to our Earth Mother. What does it feel like to her when we test nuclear bombs, or when we drop them on our ‘enemies,’ her other children? What does it feel like to our Earth Mother, who freely gives all that grows to us, to be divided into plots of land that we believe we own? Is this funny to her, or does she ‘shake her head’ and wonder what has led her children so far astray?

I wonder if the damage we’ve done to the health of Mother Earth and to ourselves is too vast for us to make the repairs. Is she shaking, blustering, flooding, and burning to make necessary corrections herself?

If we let go of our fears of the unknown and of the future, we can answer these questions for ourselves. We can realize that we chose to be here on Earth right now to make a leap in consciousness with Mother Earth, fully aware that this opportunity may not come around again for a very long period of time.

Godspeed to you and yours.

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3 thoughts on “Signs of the Times

  1. My response to this is to give a quote made by that remarkable priest – Teilhard De Chardin – some years ago when he was working in China, and who was almost ex-communicated by the Pope for his opinions that did not quite conform to the Catholic Church. I tend to see Teilhard and Mother Theresa in the same light. Anyway, here’s the quote I want to share by him:-

    “Some day, after we have mastered
    The Winds, the waves , the tides, and gravity,
    We shall harness the energies of Love.
    Then for the second time in the
    History of the world, Humankind
    Will have discovered Fire.”

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