We Are Not Powerless Puppets

We Are Not!

How are things going for you? How are you feeling about life? Are your finances stable? What about your vision of the future? Do you have a dream-of-the-heart that is always with you—perhaps some way to make the world a better place?   

Love has a message for us all: Do not despair, for a brighter future is coming. Though losing our jobs and/or homes feels like the end of the world, it is not. Now is a time for fresh beginnings, of lives based on truth—not on all the fake stuff marketing companies would have us believe. We’ve competed and desired and lost sight of what makes life valuable—not our stuff, but the love in our lives, our family and friends who care whether or not we make it home. If we don’t have love in our lives, we can ask our Higher Selves within, Why not?, and if we are sincere, the answers will come. It’s never about what other people do—it’s always about ourselves, what we think and what we do and how we treat other people and our world.

Now is the time to change channels, so to speak. On the channel we humans have been tuned to for a very long time, we experience war and land-grabbing, thoughtlessness and racism—as if you and I can judge who is or is not a child of Love/God/Universe, and who has value and who does not. On this old channel, we like to think we know how things should be, but our vision is often narrow, centered mostly on ourselves. (If you don’t think this is true, sit quietly and see if you can observe your thoughts for just ten minutes.)

Life is not about me or you; it’s about us, all of us together, living in peace–because we choose to. We are not powerless puppets; we are sparks of God/Love and from those sparks, we can change the world. Look at the people around the world who are toppling dictators, tyrants—they have awakened and they know they are sparks of God/Love and that all things are possible because of what is within us.

Maybe we in America can topple our dictators, the self-and-extreme-profit-focused corporations and the power brokers in Washington, D.C., those who have no idea, and don’t care, what our lives are really like. In my state, our Republican governor’s budget is cutting funds to all levels of education (and we’re already the lowest in the country) and companies are joining together to undo the minimum wage law. Let’s see: Eight dollars per hour, times forty hours equals $320 per week, times 52 weeks equals $16,640 per year, before taxes. Yes, let us get right on that! before, God forbid, it is raised to $8.50.

You are a spark of Love/God. Do not despair, for a brighter future is coming.