Power to the People

The old ways of power-crazed men, the old manipulative methods and regimes, are finding themselves undone by their citizens who yearn for freedom and opportunity. This and more has been predicted by people who channel messages from higher beings—that between now and the end of this year, or perhaps in 2012, the reigns of the members of a worldwide dark cabal will end. That’s okay by me. How about you?

What would a world of democracy look like? Certainly there will be difficulties in transitioning—finding good men and women to serve in office, creating a system for open and honest elections, and establishing branches of government and their responsibilities. Perhaps in this time of change, local, self-sustaining communities will be born, with neighbors and businesses that care, filled with people who want to be connected to each other again. After all, it is the speed at which we live that caused us to grow suspicious of each other and to lose sight of the manipulation of American laws to benefit the wealthy, to the great detriment of its citizens. In this new world, perhaps the frenzied needs for power and wealth and war will cease to exist.

I know it’s hard to see it, to believe in a world of loving-kindness, but doesn’t your heart ache to share a more meaningful life with people you love, who love you? What if we really could slow down? What if, in these coming times of peace, creative genius was unleashed and, with new technologies, even Mother Earth was healed? This is all possible if we can see it, believe it, because, just like the citizens of Egypt, we are the creators of the way we live and we can bring into being new, purpose-filled ways of living. Perhaps this is our destiny. That’s okay by me. How about you?


2 thoughts on “Power to the People

  1. Yes, maybe these democratic ideas will spread back to the United States and we the citizens will take back our own country and demand a true democracy, not one that is weighed too heavy on the side of corporations.

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