Cloud Watching

Courtesy of; these clouds are similar to those I saw

We experience, quite often, beautiful sunsets here in this high mountain desert. They are so breathtaking, I often think of someone sitting above us with a palette and brush, striping our skies with watercolors in purple, blue and orange, then blending them until the edges glow.

Yesterday afternoon I was again struck by the sky, but not for its colors. As far as I could see in every direction, the sky was shades of gray, silver and white. The southern sky was stacked with white, saucer-shaped clouds, whipped into shape by a wind common to our area. The sun was setting in the west, its light blazing through dark gray clouds as if to say, “Outta my way!”

It was the clouds in the north, though, that caused me to stop and stare and I cannot do them justice with words. (I’ve found similar ones posted here.)

The main attraction was the round clouds appearing in 3-D, like someone had tossed a bag of (giant) cotton balls. Some were further back, some appeared in the middle, and some looked like I could reach out and touch them. They were mixed shades of gray and white blended in a way that I can only describe as tender. They were perfect, as if a prayer had been answered with a love note written in the sky.

I think we should all look up more.:)

Courtesy of; these clouds are similar


2 thoughts on “Cloud Watching

  1. Just to let you know–my agent and I agreed that she isn’t able to represent me anymore. I asked her what was going on and she said she’s focusing on the Christian market and hasn’t been able to make inroads into the secular. So I’m back at square one, trying to figure out where to go next…query, POD, e-publishing??? Darn.
    Miss you, Pam.

    • Hi, Victoria, I miss you, too. I LOVE your Valentine’s poem.:)
      I think every book published should be e-published now, also. I wish the formats were all the same–it would sure make the job of deciding easier. It is the wave of the future. (My daughter told me yesterday, “I think I want a Kindle.”) I read online (somewhere–sorry) a man whose e-published income gradually increased until it covered half his overhead–and he manages what is online himself.
      But I wouldn’t give up on finding an agent. You have two really good books–as good or better than some out there now. We just gotta keepon keepin on!

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