Things Could Be Far Worse

Though times are hard right now with the worldwide financial upheaval, the high number of unemployed and homeless people, the clashes with dictators, and weather that has brought people around the world to their knees, we need to remember that things could be far worse in every way. Nature is working to cleanse and rebalance Mother Earth (into another dimension, some say) and, hands down, she’s the boss. No matter our wealth or status or power, we’re equally helpless when faced with the true power of Mother Nature/Mother Earth.

We quite likely are living in a time of correction and new direction. The ways of greedy old men (and their offspring) who believe they are in charge of the planet are dying off so that life on Earth will transform into a way of living in which every soul is honored, every person is respected in such a way that none are hungry, all have clean water and healthy shelters, and the potential to find their callings in communities that reveal the beauty within individuals and the whole.

Let us not lose hope or our faith. We are not bodies with souls, we are souls with bodies. We are connected to the Source of Love by the God-sparks within us and we need not fear. If we are swept away in a flood or lost in an earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, volcanic eruption, or any disaster, we can make our last prayer, “Into thy hands, Father (Mother/God/Love/Great Mystery, whichever one fits with you), I give my life and my spirit.” If we manage to stay on Earth, we can say this prayer, “How may I be a part of the loving changes? How do I fulfill my soul-purpose?”

We live in a time of truth-showing. Those who can see the light at the end of the dark tunnel will lead us into that light where the true meaning and purpose of life is revealed. We are far more than these bodies. I’d say that’s a double Wow! Or Holy-Moly! Or, as we said when I was a young person, “Right on, man!”


3 thoughts on “Things Could Be Far Worse

  1. The crossroads cross between
    The unconscious and the conscious.
    Filtering away the known
    and the extraordinary,
    and when the leafless trees
    In the wake of the freeze finally free
    The world of death.
    They’ll fight and grow colors
    By reversing the occurrences of the fall
    And a renaissance leeches forth
    From the bosom of man.
    Creating a new future out of the ashes
    Of destruction.
    Forever to repeat cycles of
    The end and the beginning again.

    -From Day 201-

    It’s funny I must be on some sort of connection with you. I hadn’t read this post until after I wrote this part of my poem. Kinda feel like it’s along the same lines.

    We are close to seeing where this great upheaval is leading us. All I know is that “Et Ducit Mundum Per Luce” is that we can guide the world with light, and light will lead us home.

    • All I can say, Devin, is WOW. I’m so glad you decided to write every day, because look at what is coming from you! This is one amazing poem, and yes, I do think we’re connected on the soul-level, I’d say. Great work, young man.

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