Mutual Respect is Long Overdue

Mutual RespectHave you noticed that in disasters, people don’t ask about your political party before they pull you out of a burning car, or if you’re a Christian before they stand for hours in front of your home adding sandbags to a wall, trying to push back an overflowing river?

None of those things matter in emergencies, because we are down to bare-bones: I give my energy to your energy to help save your life, your child, your home, whatever, I am here. Somehow, when things go really bad, we move to another level of consciousness, or communication. The situation is clear and so are we: We know what needs to be done. The worst disasters bring out the best in us. Isn’t that really something?

It shouldn’t be so hard to take the next evolutionary step, should it? Imagine this: “I respect you as a fellow human being. I respect that your views may be different from mine, and that they are valid to you. I haven’t walked in your shoes to understand why you feel the way you do, so, please, let’s talk. I acknowledge that I don’t know everything and that I have much to learn. Let’s see what we can work out together.”

What a step forward that would be, eh?


6 thoughts on “Mutual Respect is Long Overdue

  1. This really speaks to me, I didn’t notice this the first time you posted it. A friend of mine has been giving me problems for the fact that I no longer consider myself Christian. Time and experience have taken me to different beliefs and she says that, “I’m not enlightened.”

    At one time our places were reversed. It just bothers me that she as a Christian can’t notice how hypocritical she sounds.

    • Hi Devin,
      It seems the past of judging others as not fit to breathe, to live, to believe–whatever–hangs heavy over us. I know Buddhists believe the purpose of life is to become enlightened in this lifetime, but that means an emptying of the little self, or maybe the little self is merged with the higher self–I don’t really know. But we all tend to go down fighting when it comes to giving up our feelings, our opinions, our judgments, our desires. Most of us don’t have to worry about enlightenment today.:) What is ‘enlightened’ is our inner drive to find the Truth and truly, this is a very personal path that each of us is given. My brother and I disagree about what is Love, who Jesus was, and that all spiritual paths lead Home–so we’ve had to agree to disagree. We figure it’ll all come out in the wash.:)

  2. I wish my friend would agree to disagree with me. It would be very helpful in keeping me from ripping my hair out.

    • I can remember that feeling when I was in my 20s–trying to convince people I was right or to prove my point. I’ve learned since then the best thing to do is simply let go, let go of everything you want her to be or do. Then it won’t bug you anymore.:) And letting go is a good thing to learn in life, anyway. When we let everything and everyone be what or who they are, we gain a lot of insight into what’s happening beneath the surface. And life is far more peaceful.:)

  3. Dear “notes”: I have been checking in on your blog about once a week and reading your entries ever since you provided me with feedback on mine. I have been finding your blogs and comments to be kind, compassionate and calming….so thank-you….I will keep returning for more….Afternoon Storm.

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