Mistakes Are Just Mistakes

I was thinking last night about Love (the soul kind) and that, if we accept the assertion that Love is everywhere, in all of nature, in every human, it kind of takes your breath away. We likely have a list of people who we believe have no love inside, and that they cannot possibly be Loved by our Creator, but that feeling is from our ‘lower selves,’ the inner judge. All opinions about other people and ourselves are just that, opinions. When we get past our opinions, we find only Love. Why is that?

We live in a Great Cosmic Story, a ‘movie’ so to speak, where all the characters are running around trying to figure out how to survive, how to live (the high road or the low road), and, ultimately, how to learn what Love really is, how to make a real connection to the Love-Source. If we get too caught up in material things, or pride (putting ourselves above others), or self-pity (poor me), we might believe we missed the Love road altogether. But, is this true?

We could judge human weakness as bad, but in this Great Cosmic School, mistakes in judgment and ‘I want’ thoughts and actions are learning tools. There is no other way but trial and error to understand who we are and what free will is. Yes, we can do whatever we want, but as we age we come to know ourselves better. “Ohhhhhh, so that is why I did that,” or “Wow, B happened because I did A.” And as we understand ourselves, we understand others just as well, because we are all pretty much the same. We like to separate and label others, but we are all children of God, Love, Christ, Great Mystery, Higher Self. We live in an equal-opportunity universe, but we have to be willing to see it.

Understanding we are Loved doesn’t mean it is good to trample over others. It is not; it hurts them and us. It means we do what we do because we are learning. It means if we could have done better, we would have. It means we might as well forgive ourselves and others, because we are all already understood and forgiven by Love. No one is not-good-enough. No one is rejected. All are welcomed home by Love.


6 thoughts on “Mistakes Are Just Mistakes

  1. Great post. Glad I subscribed, I seem to read your blog when I need it most. Love is what makes the world go around, and maybe just maybe, great writing such as yours 🙂

  2. Such true words.
    Our mistakes and imperfections are the tests that try to push us off the love road.
    We need them in order to make the journey more worthwhile at the destination.
    We cannot really know if we are on the right path otherwise

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