If It Spreads Too Far, There Is No Turning Back

I saw a news clip about the rioting in Egypt last night. I guess the rioting there and in other countries is over corruption in the government and bad economies (loss of work). The problems generated by corruption and greed have spread far beyond the borders of America, though I think it would be safe to say they’ve always been a part of human nature. I think of greed and corruption as illnesses and, like any other illness, if it spreads too far, there is no turning back. The disease wins.

There’s an old saying: Peace begins within. Maybe we should add: Only he or she who dwells in peace can lead in that direction. (And they tend to be assassinated.) How can men gathered at the ‘negotiating’ table to get what they each want, lead us to peace? If we think of our family members, neighbors and coworkers, fellow churchgoers and shoppers, and what our relationships with them are like, we can begin to see the problem. “Don’t tread on me! (Or my beliefs! Or my property!)” we say. Forgiveness is central to making peace, as is compassion. If I won’t make peace and you won’t make peace, who will?

Perhaps a wave of peace will spread over our world and our tendencies to compete and gain will soften. (It’s possible!) If a forecaster told us, “Next Thursday, a wave of peace will encompass the Earth for five minutes,” would you choose peace, go with peace? Or would you stay in the mix as it is now?


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