Through the Eyes of Another Being

I have been reading some of Jamie Sams’ works and the first premise in the life of Native Indians who walk the walk is the recognition that everything has a sacred point of view, not just us humans, but the soil, water and air, the trees and plants and all animals, birds, insects, etc., even the stones. Seeing the world in a sacred way generates the respect due our planet and all that lives upon her.

It is in stepping back and seeing through the eyes of another being, whether it is our spouse or a tree in our yard or the birds who use it as a way-station, that we acknowledge differing points of view. We learn that every being’s point of view is sacred and that, no matter how hard it might be to accept that our siblings or children appear to be destroying their lives, they must walk their own paths to make spiritual progress. It is not that destroying life is spiritual progress; it is that the paths we walk are our own, for whatever our reasons. In understanding this, we see the world in a new light, with a broader vision that allows us, in a non-judgmental manner, to be there for someone who is ready to grow.


8 thoughts on “Through the Eyes of Another Being

  1. This is right on! We are emerging at a critical time in this planet’s history – moving from what is called a Patriarchal Age in which Man has dominated with the resulting mess we find ourselves in – to a more enlightened and balanced age – in which the wisdom and compassion of women is recognised and indeed equally respected. Remember how our Indigenous peoples always sat in a circle when discussing important issues along with the “Talking Stick”. Let us keep this respectful image before us as we move forward into our shared future. Michael..

  2. Yes, it was a really impressive speech, it’s really amazing that we have a President who – no matter what you think of his politics – is so deeply attuned to the larger purpose of our existence on this beautiful planet.

    I loved the reference to the 9-year old Christina jumping in puddles on the other side. Made me think of this pic I took a couple of weeks ago…

  3. Sven,
    You’re always seeing the world from the sacred point of view, aren’t you? I LOVE your picture. Makes me feel like everything is gonna be okay. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Thanks, Michael, I really lucked out on that one. When I saw that puddle at first I thought it was somebody’s art project, but upon closer look it was completely untouched, simply divine. : )

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