Returning the Love

I think when our Creator ‘sees’ us, He/She sees our souls first, then our bodies. Though all created beings are of one relation, we are also individuals—even trees and stones and creatures, according to Native Indian traditions. What a system! Separate beings, united by the Love that made us. What a blessing to be able to build our own lives, yet bordered by the laws of the universe. Why the laws or limitations? Love is the essence of the universe, but darkness exists, too, in our minds, in this world. What we sow, we reap and it would be so unfair  if it were any other way. Can you imagine reaping what a co-worker or neighbor or criminal created? Or that someone else reaps all the goodness you’ve made in your life?

I don‘t think we’re held quite as responsible for our ‘misdeeds’ before we begin our journey of truth-seeking.  But once we understand that our lives, the seconds, minutes, hours and days unfold exactly as we make them, we are held more accountable by our higher selves. If we don’t like the way a certain thought or action makes us feel, only we can change who we are and what we say and do. Even as we feel separate or alone, as we struggle and grow, we are Loved unconditionally by our Maker and need only to sincerely ask for divine intervention. By knowing we are never alone, fear’s icy fingers, which grip our hearts, melt away. We can then breathe deeply and Love in return.


10 thoughts on “Returning the Love

    • Hi Colleen–I’ve missed you, too! I’m happy for your new ‘together’ life–being a partner and mothering four children is no small task. I know, though, that you are called to write and look forward to reading your soulful reflections on the meaning of life. So glad to hear from you. Thank you.

  1. Pam Dear, who are you? Your words in this post were so powerful and sooooo true. You must be listening to the Universe very closely to be able to express such wisdom. Thank you for sharing. Love you, Sharie

    • Dear Wisewoman, every now and then I wait upon the universe to notice that yes, in that/this moment, I am listening. Many moments I’m not listening, though. My struggle to listen is ongoing and at this point it is something that I must do within and my faith is strong that I will find my way. Thank you for stopping by and your kind words. Love you, Pam

  2. Provehito in Altum – reach for the heights / launch forth into the deep.

    We must bury ourselves in self understanding, and search for our true being, while still believing in a higher power and faith hope and love. If we strive to be better and live to help one another then we will return balance to live by overthrowing a small portion of evil.

    But in order to do that we must strip ourselves of all we know, and actually look at the world.

    • You are so right, Devin. I’ve found stripping myself to the bare bones has been the hardest task of all, but we must do it so that we can all share in the benefits of a cooperative, loving society. Keep up you’re great work, young man. You are an inspiration.

    • Have a beautiful quiet day where listening is the only way to find the answer. Love, Sharie

  3. I try, understanding of myself has been blinded by trying to understand the universe. I still have no faith in judeo-christian beliefs. Though I do believe there is a higher power that created us all and that great conundrum tends to distract me. None of this beauty could have been a random act of coincidence. Scientists confuse me, christians/catholics confuse me, Islam confuses me they all confuse me. So I try to drown them out and search for what I truly believe in. Love is the only thing that I can find so far that makes sense for love can be found everywhere, I’ve noticed, if you look hard enough down the rabbit hole.

    • A lot of us are confused by the very same things, Devin. By the time you’re almost sixty, though, you try to stay OUT of the rabbit hole and look within to the voice of the heart. Of course, you don’t have to wait ’til your sixty, tho. 🙂

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