Me, First!

MY gifts!

It’s far too easy, according to me anyway, to get caught up in hyper-self-focused thinking. When I started this blog, it was all so new to me–the expanding sense of love I felt, the writing, my new online friends–I was swept up by the ‘magic’ of the moment and wrote from my heart. Then came my awareness of the Stats page, the look/design of the blog and the how-to’s (especially on increasing readership) and down the rabbit hole I fell. It’s nearly impossible to write from my heart when I’m thinking so much of myself–MY family, MY holidays, MY thoughts and opinions, MY illness, MY fears, MY cravings, MY, MY, Mine.

When I fell asleep last night, I was thinking of the gifts we’re all given as we enter our physical lives and that, though we have free will, it, like everything else about us, is a gift from our Creator, from whom we cannot exist separately. For a second or two, I understood, “All glory and honor to you, Love and Light.” It’s no wonder I woke up this morning to a kick in the rear about ME FIRST. Wow.


2 thoughts on “Me, First!

  1. It’s important for writers or any artists to have an audience, no matter how small. But the universe has a funny way of giving you EXACTLY what you want, so if the stats are important to you, you’ll probably get better stats. There are ways to tweak our blogs and headlines to call more attention to them, and it seems these days they’re serving it to us on golden platters. Everybody is a rock star, and the chatter is endless. Whether that’ll make your heart happy is another question. My feeling is that if you stay true to yourself and speak from your authentic self the stats will follow, though there’s no guarantee, in which case the lesson is to be happy with your true and authentic self, regardless of stats.

    • Thank you for caring and sharing, Sven. It’s my ego and yes, all that would actually make me crazy. Speak from my authentic self. Speak from my authentic self. She’s in there somewhere.

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