What’s Up with the Weather?

Our dog, Max, is scared nearly to death of thunder—panicked pacing, trembling, pushing to get his body underneath one of ours. When my daughter was little, she’d place blankets over the dining room table to make a fort and call him in, which worked until the next big boom. Then he’d charge out and run around the house, desperate to get away from the terrifying sounds of the storm. We live in an apartment now and when it thunders, I put him in the windowless interior bathroom and close the door, where he rides it out.

I watched the news last night about the snow back East, two feet deep in some places, falling in just a day. Then they showed some video of thunder and lightning—during the snow storm! I thought if I lived where thunder and lightning appeared with a blizzard, I’d have to join Max in the bathroom.

All this extreme weather does make you wonder what’s going on. Is Mother Nature sending a message or, as my brother believes, is God angry at the level of sinning by humanity? Will we receive a sign and fall to our knees, pleading for a second chance, a chance to clean up our thoughts and actions? Can we clean them up soon enough to save ourselves from hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, volcanoes and floods, and how many of us would it take to tip the scale? Is it even possible to put Mother Earth back to herself? Who can answer these questions?

What is our greater purpose—that which is beyond the same old, same old desire for more? Does ‘more’ for a homeless family mean work, shelter, food and water? Probably. What does ‘more’ mean for you? I dream of having a house again, which means more money. What is ‘more’ for the wealthy? Another home or plane? Gold, maybe?

We do have a greater purpose, which is to understand wholeness, the union of our dark and light selves, of each other and oneness with our planet and our Creator. An entire world of love and health, blessings and creativity unfolds when we humans are no longer stuck in the muck, driven by desires. Aren’t you curious about the possibilities, about higher ways of being? I know I am.


6 thoughts on “What’s Up with the Weather?

  1. Well Pam, you know well where I am coming from on this issue from my earlier writings. It has nothing to do with an “angry god” and every thing to do with the cyclic nature of this Universe we are part of. These weather anomolies will continue and likely get worse as we move through the end of this Age – part of the cyclic period our Earth is moving through. Many will perish – It happened during the last great transition 75,000 years ago [ +/- ] so pay attention to your intuition and where it may suggest you live. It is no accident that the population of our Earth is maxing out at the same time as this Age is ending. Before we can move forward into this next Age that we are moving into we have to get rid of the ‘garbage’ we have accumulated – you cannot build a new building on a rotten foundation. The Mayans, the Hopis and other Indigenous peoples around the world have it right – so hold on to your hats and enjoy the ride.! This is NOT written to engender fear but because “Knowledge is Power”!

    • It does seem the weather is supportive of this idea, Michael. And we have made a mess on our planet. We will reap what we have sown, I guess. Hopefully, the great love that some people are showing will make a difference.

  2. Hi again Pam – Forgive me but it is not a question of ‘reaping what we have sown’ with all this guilt factor we are raised to believe by religions et al, so far as I am concerned. What IS happening on the planet is all part of the cyclic nature of our Universe and our passage from one Age to another – or as it is also referred to as ‘The Procession of the Equinoxes”.

    I may upset some by saying this especially to your American audience but ‘Religion’ has been abused by ‘Man’ to control us through using fear. None of our great Spiritual beings like Jesus have ever used ‘fear’ in their teachings–that’s Old Testament stuff–and how effective has fire and brimstone been? ‘God,’ through Jesus, preached Love and compassion, as in “Love ye one another.” Sorry, doesn’t add up! Michael.

    • Thank you, Michael–I needed that cleared up in my mind and heart. What you’ve said here does make me stand back from it all and take a more impersonal view–it’s just time.

  3. Post Script to these exchanges over God:-

    When Thoreau lay dying, someone asked him if he’d made his peace with God? To this he responded – ” I wasn’t aware that we had ever quarrelled.”

    I love it! Michael.

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