Catching the Love Wave

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In a way like never before, we humans have the opportunity to change how we see ourselves, each other and our world. We live in the very time when it would not be an exaggeration to say, “The door to miracles is open!” When enough of us replace our dark thoughts and emotions with the Light, our world will make a Shift to a way of living we previously thought impossible: endless blessings, good health, community, abundance, cooperation and creativity–for everyone.

This idea may make some people’s hearts clench—especially those with the biggest piles of gold—but this Shift is not about a redistribution of wealth. It’s about a change in understanding—what we own simply won’t matter. Life and Love (with a capital L, the Love between our Creator and us) will be the center from which all else flows. You and I alone can’t undo the damage we humans have done, but a sacred respect for each other and for our planet will be a giant step toward the ‘magic’ of the healing that’s ours to claim. So many are suffering now and they will be healed. We will all be healed. Our world will be healed, as if a giant hand appeared in the sky and sprinkled healing-stardust over us. It’s not rational, I know, but how else can this mess we’ve made be cleaned up?

Life is not about us as individuals anymore; it’s about allowing wonderful opportunities for everyone so that we may each find our calling and experience the satisfaction of doing what we were born to do. Many people are working to make changes in the way we live. Mine are small, but I feel good about using newspaper instead of plastic bags to pick up my dog’s poop and tall kitchen garbage bags that degrade (from Those working to make a positive difference in the lives of other people also make me feel good. It’s contagious!

Much to my surprise, I joined the worldwide Love Wave with this blog in June, 2009—and I’ll bet you’ve found a way or two, also. I hope you will share your part in the Love Wave and leave a comment here that inspires us. Don’t be shy—we all need more inspiration. 🙂