Love and the Holy Days

Life is so fascinating—here we are in these physical bodies running around town like crazy, working, shopping, trying not to drop. Then, there’s the spirit of Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza (and other holidays too, I’m sure) which we hope will transport us to a quiet, inner place of joy, secure in the knowledge that we are far more than frantic minds and bodies on the go.

Years ago, in Sedona, Arizona, friends and I stopped at a shop that took pictures of human auras with a special camera. (I think of auras as the energy that imbues and surrounds living things, which can be perceived as colors by people who are psychically sensitive.) We all thought it would be fun to see what our auras looked like and shared our photos afterward. I can’t remember everyone’s colors anymore but I think my picture was mostly red and green.

My point is, we are energy that, in a healthy person, radiates several feet beyond our bodies. Our energy fields reflect the thoughts we consistently think, our moods, everything really, including our experiences of the sacred. I think we love the holy days because, for a time, they invite us to a place within that is beyond our humdrum lives. They allow us to see there is more to us than meets the eye–that we are spiritual beings who carry on after our bodies die. (I once read that our life force (our souls?) weighs three ounces, which seems so insubstantial, doesn’t it, for living beings?) When we respect others and celebrate holy days together, our energy fields mix and Love catches the winds circling the globe, just like Santa Claus.

4 thoughts on “Love and the Holy Days

  1. Amen, I love what you say Pam. It’s about the spirit. Today I was buying coffee and someone I barely know said, ” Hey Pat, so and so wanted me to give you something”. She gave me a big hug. It was sent from New York and I thougt that was the sweetest gift anyone has ever given me. PS, I had my aura picture taken years ago, also. I went with Mercy and mine was white and I don’t remember what hers was. I know our energy extends beyone our bodies, but I’m not so sure it can be photographed.

    • Hi Pat! It’s so good of you to stop by and leave a comment. Thank you. And I definitely think a hug from New York is a gift of the spirit.
      I too wonder if cameras really can take pictures of our auras, but WOW! on the white. They gave us a piece of paper that explained what all the colors meant; I had a white spot on my face and white wasn’t listed, so I asked the lady at the counter what it meant. She said they’d never seen white before. I was meditating back at home and a thought came that the white spot represented spiritual clarity. (I forgot what the red and orange were; I think the green was for healing.) I realized after the meditation that if white auras meant spiritual clarity, I had a long way to go on my spiritual journey–and now, I write about spirituality as if I’m an expert!! (Oh well, someone’s gotta do it… 🙂
      And, if anything comes to you to share with others, would you consider posting as a guest here? I love the input from other people–it’s always interesting and a refreshing change for the readers.


  2. Well, he did say something about two angels and a rare aura ……………I would certainly love to gaze down on everyone from my enlightened height but let’s face it, that would only diminish my fine aura-What a quagmire. Anyway, I really appreciate what you do and if I ever get inspired, I will send you something. Love you, Pat

    • I love knowing my best friend in high school has a rare aura–white? I guess so! And maybe you can share some of what you see from those lighted heights. It’s time!
      Love you, too, Pat.

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