Talking with Me, Myself and I

A typical conversation with myself in years past:

Higher Self: Every human has problems, dear one, and changing that condition occurs at your pace, not God’s. This is the freedom granted you. Do not despair—Love is ever present.

Shadow Self: No! That’s not true! I don’t deserve to go to heaven. My mistakes are countless. How could God possibly love me now?

Higher Self: Every child of God is loved, so deeply that it cannot be measured. God knows every person’s strengths and weaknesses, potentials and tendencies–before you are born. God and the angels cheer for each of you and answer every sincere call for help at the best possible time for the best outcome. Behind every difficulty is the strength and support you need to turn even the worst of tragedies into blessings. Do you believe this?

Shadow: Yes…I guess. But this ‘strength,’ as you call it, takes all the fun out of ‘poor-me’ and the punishments I like to inflict on myself. It erases my guilt, for Pete’s sake! At this rate, I am going to heaven.

Higher Self: Exactly.