A Simple Life in a New World

Beauty Custom Designed For Us Earthlings

I remembered the 11:11 p.m., eleven minute meditation for world healing last night—because I set an alarm. (An airhead’s gotta do what an airhead’s gotta do.) Eleven minutes goes by really fast and I used up most of the time trying to settle in, to slow down my breathing and my ‘monkey mind.’ So I’m setting an alarm ten minutes before 11:11 p.m. EST for that settling stuff, and hope to truly be one with all the people around the world who are meditating for nine more evenings, with a visualization for a new world of healed, higher-minded inhabitants who respect Mother Earth like a member of our families—the people who need to live non-planet-destroying, simple, shared, joy-filled lives.

If I hadn’t forgotten on 11/11, the first night, I wouldn’t have realized how disconnected I am from our home planet (custom designed for us)—reminding me of the perfection of even our ‘mistakes.’ It is far too easy to rush around on the surface of the Earth, never knowing her as a great being of love and beauty who draws our selfishness into herself, doing everything within her power to clean it all up. Nearly all mothers do this for their children, but we are six-and-a-half billion children, the majority on rush-rush, outta-my-way auto-pilot—at least I think it’s the majority. It is the vast majority in America.

I received a long comment that I didn’t publish in response to my original post about the eleven day visualization-commitment. The comment was about Saint Germaine and, I think, about how silly we are to believe we can change the world by visualizing change. He has a point, because visualizations must transform into knowing, a way of seeing the work completed. The Master Jesus spoke about this when he said if we had only a tiny seed of faith, we could tell a mountain to move and it would get up and go.

When my middle son was nine or ten, one of his lower, front permanent teeth got knocked out (playing soccer, I think). A friend found the tooth and put it in milk to take to the dentist. But when we got home, I knew I couldn’t pay the dentist, so I pushed the tooth back in its spot and told it to, “Stay!” and it did. It was gray for several days, then turned back to white. The dentist later said, “That’s impossible. The first time he chewed something it would’ve come out.” (Maybe for someone who has the money it is impossible.) This event is one of my reminders that there is love-magic within us and in our world, waiting to be experienced and shared.


4 thoughts on “A Simple Life in a New World

  1. Pam Dear, we need to believe in everything because all things are possible. The so called miracles of this world, like your son’s magic tooth, are really nothing compared to the power of God that is working in and through us constantly in a place beyond this world. I would tell our brother who doesn’t believe in the power of visualization that he needs to have a little more faith … in himself. We can look and easily see all the destruction and the violence and scarcity and pain and suffering here. Those things are easy to see because they make a lot of noise and are very distracting. And they’re in the news a lot presented in the most dramatic way possible. But the peace and joy and capacity for true healing that lives within us is very quiet and so we don’t always remember to look for it. We just need to pay a little more attention to the real miracles and less attention to the chaos. It’s all in where we choose to focus our minds. On the flowers or the weeds. On the destruction or on the love that arises from it. Thank you for all your thought provoking posts. Love you, Sharie

  2. Oh yes, and I join you in visualization for 11 days and beyond. Love, Sharie

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