The God of Wrath (Past) vs. the God of Love (Future)

I was thinking last night about life and the deep questions of humanity that must be answered along the way. No matter how young or old we are, how successful we are in ‘the game of life,’ or even if it all seems so impossible that we give up on ourselves—we are born to understand the essence of our lives: Who am I? Where did I come from? Is there a God and, if so, who is God? What is a soul? Did I get a soul from God? What is the difference between life on Earth and life-after-physical-death?

My brother called yesterday to tell me about the breaking of mankind’s relationship with God and how few people acknowledge the Bible as the Living Word of God. He senses a punishment coming for most of mankind, though a few will survive and he hopes to be among them. He is afraid everyone in his family is going to hell when we cross over because we have not acknowledged the Bible as God’s Word in the unquestioning manner that is required to be saved as a true, born-again Christian. I have heard this before from him and from others who believe the same thing.

I am unable to reconcile the Love I feel in my heart (and my gratitude for my Love-awakening) with the well-meaning, God-of-wrath, you-must-be-saved-conviction of my brother. God is Love to me and Love is God to me. I couldn’t understand how two people raised in the same family could have such different reflections on life until I realized last night that every human has an individual, customized relationship with the God-spark within–acknowledged or not, perfected or not. I once watched an interesting program about a study of the brain-activity of meditating monks. The same area of the monks’ brains lit up in the MRIs, causing the doctors to conclude that we are hard-wired for relationship with God (Spirit, Divine Mother, the Universe, by whatever name Love is called). Finding God is inevitable in this lifetime, or the next or the next or the next.

My brother follows his heart and I follow mine. This is as it should be, which is okay with me but not with him. We certainly can’t switch places because we don’t ‘fit’ the other way. The need to find a spiritual ‘fit’ is the same for every human being. The never-ending wars financed by popes and emperors and kings (over how humans are permitted to relate to God) reflect a lack of faith in our Creator’s plan and that God is at work within every person. We don’t need to be preached to or converted to this religion or that. We need to practice sitting quietly to listen for the guidance of the still, small voice within. We need to live Love in the world.


2 thoughts on “The God of Wrath (Past) vs. the God of Love (Future)

  1. Pam, you are growing into such a sage and wise spirit. The story of the differences between your brother’s beliefs and yours reminds of something I learned in A Course In Miracles. The Course teaches us to never attack another’s belief system, nor do we ever need to defend ours. Just the simple loving thought without judgment of any kind when confronted by beliefs that are not our own, “This is not my path,” said inwardly is all we need to remember. That always works for me and then I never need to say anything to the other person because I feel confident and calm and very loving about my own beliefs and totally accepting of another’s need to believe the way they do. Like you said, we can be in different places spiritually and that is perfectly all right. Love, Sharie

    • Thanks so much, Sharie. “This is not my path,” is perfect–a quiet statement of who we are without judging the other. “This is not my path” will help me to stay far more centered than my current, “We’re going to have to agree to disagree.” Love you!

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