I was out walking Max this morning, freezing my buns off and complaining about it, thinking about relationships and communication, when the word escalation popped into my head.
It is not a word I use really–I mostly remember it from news reports during the Vietnam War. Everything was always escalating.

Living in apartments has taught me about the art of peacemaking–it is about what’s important to me and my daughter–and to our neighbors. How do we balance all our needs, agree where the lines are and when they’ve been crossed? How do we talk about it? Gently or loudly? With or without raised voices? With respect or humiliation?

What would the world be like if we de-escalated–listened to each other first, with respect, and spoke only with the intention of understanding?


6 thoughts on “De-escalation

  1. great idea! Other words that come to mind that go along with this are “slowing down,” “simplifying,” and “letting go.”

  2. Speaking from the heart, without judgment and with compassion – it’s definitely something to strive for.

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