A Season of the Heart

We live now in a ‘season of the heart,’ a time of change and spiritual growth and for receiving answers to our most deeply-held questions. Ours has been a material focus for a very long time–thousands of years. Living conditions have been vastly improved in North America (and in other areas of our world), but in making our physical lives easier, we have mostly filled the void with lots of stuff and stuff to do. It’s exciting at times, isn’t it, especially the competition and the ladder-climbing?

But, as with all things that tug us away from our inner life (the source of our stability, no matter what’s happening on the outside) life begins to feel like running on a treadmill; it may be movement, but it sure isn’t fulfilling. In this ‘season of the heart,’ doors and windows have been flung open for us so we can go inside. To what? The Truth, the Light, the Source of All—to Love.

My daughter broke a bone in her left arm several weeks ago (roller skating) and the first cast set her arm from her thumb to her shoulder, bent at the elbow close to her body. She became temporarily one-handed, with an awkward and heavy load to carry. She asked, several times, what had she done to deserve this? (I hate that she got ‘woe is me’ from me.) I said, each time, “God is Love, dear daughter. All that comes from God is Love. We are not being punished—we humans draw lessons to ourselves. Things like accidents happen because there is something important we need to learn.” I forgot to say that many times accidents come with the message to slow down, especially now with all the doors and pathways to meaning and connection and healing wide open.

We are moving from a time of busy-ness and accumulation to a time of getting it right: caring, compassion, sharing, helping—togetherness. We are one family of humans with souls (our God-sparks), no matter our IQs or net worth, our gender, our religion or politics, or the color of our skin. We are meant to reflect the Love that created us through communities of sincere, unselfish connection and it is happening—now! We’re on the Love Train and we’re building speed so that we can break through the false barriers to the truth and inspiration that is our birthright. Let’s be who we are created to be. Now is our time for this season under heaven—a time to choose Love.


2 thoughts on “A Season of the Heart

  1. i am so moved with this blog post. i’m about to cry 🙂
    all things happen for a reason, all to teach us a lesson, all to make us strong enough to face the challenges of life. and it is always up to us if we learn or not.
    God is LOVE♥

    • Awww, thanks KC. God IS love and those of us who know this have to broadcast the message.:) I’m so happy to hear from you and I hope you and everything in your life is very, very good.

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