More to Us Than Meets the Eye

I woke up this morning thinking about our souls and Spirit. I see our souls as the God-seed within us, the part of us that continues on after we leave our bodies. I think of spirit as the God-force that fills us with life, through our souls. In Christianity, spirit is called the Holy Spirit. In whatever ways we define soul and spirit, it is true that there is more to us than meets the eye, an essence that connects us to all of life. Somehow, and it is quite the design, we are individuals, our own personal selves, yet we are also set perfectly into the Grand Design of Everything. And though we did not create our souls, we do create our lives. Pretty cool partnership, eh?

Our souls unite us. The lines humans draw regarding race, gender, age, status and religion, are constructs of our minds and have nothing to do with reality. There is far more to us than we generally believe. In fact, the real world is so much more than what we’ve been taught, the realization of what it is would blow our minds. That is okay, though; let our minds be blown! Let us move deeper into ourselves and in so doing, join our souls, hearts and minds with all people and living things on our planet. Let us forgive and heal, love and care, see and grow.



4 thoughts on “More to Us Than Meets the Eye

  1. Well said, Pam. Michael.

    Oh – PS – I’ve just been informed that you have passed Grade 12 and can now move on to the Universtity of your choice! See ya 🙂 M.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with your definiton. And I also believe that more than anything our thinking mind, the thoughts, are what separate us from this one-ness. And it just could be that some of the attraction of illegal “drugs” produce this effect and then some, which is why many who get ‘hooked’ have a hard time getting off drugs–and all of this in addition to the physical dependency that develops.

    • Thanks, Anita for adding so much to this post. And I agree with you that our busy minds do keep us from experiencing oneness. Meditation is so important and when it’s hard for me to meditate, I relax to calming, beautiful music. Even this helps to quiet the mind.

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