Back Home to Ourselves

I remember when, in my 20s, another member of our meditation group asked, “But how do we know what God’s will is?” I may have said something like, “You just know.” Utterly inspired and helpful, right? And I have always suggested to my kids, “Sleep on it. When you wake up in the morning, you will know.” All three of them have said to me at one time or another, “That doesn’t work for me!”

The subject of ‘God’s Will’ seems so old-fashioned, something our grandparents may have preached. It gives the ‘wild-child’ in us the creeps and we think, “Do not discuss that subject anywhere near me!” We are two halves of one whole, born as beings of light, who ‘fall’ to Earth to experience life in a body and choose, when we are ready and while still in our bodies, to return to the Light. This growing toward Home is a many-lifetimes process and, like the lost lamb the sheepherder goes after, we are children of Love who are missed and always welcomed Home—with a light show!

God’s will could be renamed the Path of Light. It is a way of seeing and a way of walking our paths, choosing to be of service to life and to others. On this path our suffering ends and our joy in being grows. On this path we trust that God (however we see Him or Her) has our backs and that the Grand Design for our specific lives meshes perfectly with the WHOLE of life and, as we become aware of this perfection, we clearly see we are part of a stunning masterpiece of sunrises and sunsets, of synchronicities and works of art and song and healing. We are each our own square on the Cosmic Quilt (or, like me, we may be another shape, a triangle or circle or even one without a name). In other words, our wild-child or shadow-self experiences are an integral part of our stories; we cannot become whole, free-willed beings without them.

So, how do we know what ‘God’s will’ is? If we get stuck in an elevator on Friday evening with someone who insists on discussing the subject of lower-selves and higher-selves, we will have one of two reactions: If wild-child has wild plans for the evening, we will feel nervous and out-of-sync, like we wish we could hide, which is always a sign that on some level, we know we are planning to step off the Path of Light. “Pardon me for a sec, won’t you? I need to do my thing.” (This is, however, how we humans grow.)

On the other hand, our Light-selves, feeling expansive even in an elevator, join in the conversation, telling of the many circuitous life experiences that brought us back to the path, back to love and peace and forgiveness, back Home to ourselves and the Grand Plan.


8 thoughts on “Back Home to Ourselves

  1. For me – to truly understand the Source of Creation it cannot be understood through ratinalized thinking of – or by – the mind – only in the Silence of the heart.

    Words are very limiting but in our 3D world are a tool that can start us in our search into the depths of the unknown – but like an arrow – knowing when to release it from its bow is when the Heart says “Now” !


    • That last sentence, you should write about it. It’s such a beautiful picture, starting the search and releasing the arrow at just the right moment. Hope to hear more about it.:)

  2. OK – You wanted more on this subject so here it is! As I believe I have mentioned to you recently I have been drawn back to a web site that I have always had much interest in – The background story to this site is quite facinating. It involves the message been given to Humanity at this time from beings who have time travelled back 750 years to give us their wisdom. They let their presence be known by leaving drawings in 23 caves in New Mexico which were discovered by two young hikers in a remote area within a park after an earthquake in 1972. This exposed these caves not before seen whether by accident or intent we don’t know. The site was eventually taken over by a secret government organisation when it became clear that this was a unique discovery. One of the lead scientists felt this information should be released to the world but his supperior disagreed so he defected one night and gave his story to a female journalist in a motel over a three night period. He then disappeared and has not been seen since.
    In reading some of it to-day I came across this that I will quote as it seems relavent to my earlier insights regarding Energy and the arrow of the Heart, and how we attract back the same energy we put out. So bear with me with this longish intro–all quite facinating.

    “Energy is an element of life that is so subtly interwoven with form that it is one; in much the same manner as space and time are inextricably linked in union. Energy is a motive. It is intelligent beyond the mind’s ability to reason. While it is a force that can be subject to human applications that deny its highest expression, energy is always imbuing life with the motive to expand and evolve.”

    Hope this is not too long an explanation above. Blessings, Michael.

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