Awakening to the World of Spirit

Buddhists don’t believe we have individual souls that reincarnate from one existence to the next. They believe, rather, that we are not separate from the rest of the universe and (I hope I have this right) that we are reborn into a great wheel of physical existence to live lives according to our karma, the result of good or bad seeds planted in our minds in past lives, which manifest in this life or the next. Through life experience and proper living, we end our suffering by eliminating delusion (desires) and thus, attain enlightenment. There is great wisdom in the Buddhist ‘Middle Path’ of non-extremism, or moderation in all things.

Jesus Christ also taught that the world of desire, greed, false pride and death, is not the real world. Perhaps the acknowledgement of a physical world that is an illusion and the existence of a world of Spirit to which we awaken, is at the heart of every great spiritual teaching. 

I aim to practice the teachings of the great Master Jesus Christ but, as we all know, loving God first and committing to be of service to Him/Her here on Earth as a non-judgmental peacemaker is not so easy to implement—and never has been if historical records are accurate.

Ten courageous men and women were murdered the first week in August by the Taliban in far-off Afghanistan. They loved the Afghan people and served God and “the least of these” by providing eye exams, glasses and dental work otherwise not available to them. It could be said they also lived the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path: Right View, Right Intention, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration. Perhaps the persons they were will be remembered more because of their simultaneous deaths, but it’s sad for the world that they and their immense capacity for Love are gone.


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  1. very very sad indeed. Some of us carry some heavy karma into this world and it’s hard to break the habit of violence. I like to call karma “habit,” as we can all relate to that word, just in this case it’s our soul habit. For example, a lot of people think karma is that if you stole someone’s horse in a past life you will have your car stolen in this one, but if you think of it as a habit, it’s more like you will steal and hurt others again in this life. Looking at it this way honors what I believe to be the truth that we have free will in our reincarnations on earth, it’s up to us how we use the “karma” we carry with us. That is what I believe the suffering in Buddhism speaks to, not only that victims experience suffering but the perpetrators do as well. The whole cycle of anger and violence is rooted in our soul’s suffering, and by becoming aware of this cycle and the part our own mind plays in it we can rise above it and gain enlightenment.

    • Thank you, Sven, for your insight. In these times it does seem the suffering has gone full circle–that all humans are suffering now in one way or another. I look forward to our spiritual enlightenment when all is forgiven, cleansed and renewed.

  2. Great post, Pam. It has occurred to me that in cases as the one stated above, individuals have already reached their goal in this life and have chosen to move on. And we rarely do know the impact their deaths have had on others and how many conversions (to living that love) will be the result of their murders. This same scenario may also hold true for other very spiritual and loving individuals who end up getting raped, shot, etc. These loving souls manage to make even their deaths a sacrifice – and these loving souls are definitely not limited to any religion, creed or color.

    • Good points, Anita, and how true. I read somewhere of a saint who suffered a painful disease and chose to offer her suffering on behalf of mankind. Sick body, pure heart. Thanks for stopping by. Love, Pam

  3. When you depart this life, which will be soon,
    No matter how much fortune or fame you have gathered,
    You must go alone without relatives or friends…
    Like a foe slain in the desert,
    Stripped naked,
    Without even a name.
    Do you need to know more to fix your life?
    ….The Buddha

    Seeing all things as they are rather than as you or
    someone else wishes them to be…this is your practice,
    if you wish “enlightenment.” Carlos.

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