Little Green Men and Interplanetary Conspiracies?

I was thinking just now of an email I received from a friend about an interplanetary conspiracy to control us humans through false teachings of what is good and what is evil, teachings of sin and redemption that cause us to become dependent on a god outside of ourselves. I suppose this could be true—there are so many ideas out there about who we are, where we come from and how we are to live, why not this one, too? The cave paintings of spacemen and the building of impossible (for us) monuments do make me wonder about the existence of other humanoids, even if we have no idea of their intentions.

The thing is, each of us knows something about who we are on the inside. Some of our thoughts and behaviors bring balance and joy to us; others bring ‘falling down the rabbit hole’ and having to crawl our way back out. Fear is a mighty motivator for us humans in so many areas of our lives. And every adult has regrets; perhaps they pile up even sooner than adulthood—beginning in high school, maybe?

So, what are we to do? Tune into that which is higher than us, more loving than us, more peaceful than us—but is also inside of us. There are no good answers to life’s deepest questions in ideas or theories or even in groups and associations. No matter how firm our convictions, there is more to the story. In fact, the more firm we are, the more likely we are to have blocked out a good portion of the ‘human story.’

We may appear to be different in our politics or religions or lifestyles. But we’re not. Our deepest hopes and dreams are the same: to learn and to grow, to see beyond our own little selves, to make a difference in the world and to love and be loved. Whether or not there is an evil conspiracy to control us and ‘use up’ our world and its resources doesn’t matter. No one can control us unless we give up our soul-power. We decide every day, through our thoughts and actions, how we will live.

The very best place to look for our answers is in the quiet and peace of the Love-seed within. Even if the quiet place is hard to tap—we are loved. Even if we’re not at peace—we are loved. Even when we hurt ourselves or others—we are loved. There is nothing you or I can do to separate ourselves from Love. Within Love’s unending capacity are all the answers. And, if we can’t yet sense the Love, all we need do is ask for help. Help is always only a heartbeat away.


4 thoughts on “Little Green Men and Interplanetary Conspiracies?

  1. You’ve expressed yourself well, Pam. This is a thorny issue but as you well know I support the sad way man’s religions have separated and been responsible for so many wars, treacheries, and disgusting torturings – ie:- the Catholic Church to socalled ‘witches’ in the middle ages who were only trying to heal through herbal remedies – 3 million of them burnt at the stake!

    This is your loving god? Give me a break! Time we woke up to this hideous element within our societies and removed the blinders that separate us from each other. There is ONLY one message “Love Ye one and other” Amen!

    The rest is about power and control through fear. Oh – have I repeated myself again – I am so unsorry! 🙂 Michael.

    • I know, Michael. It is possible we’re in a time when the walls will come down and we will, ‘Love ye one another.’ I know you’re looking forward to it and so am I. Thank you so much for sharing here.

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