Spirit Teacher: Happiness is Essential, A Guest Post from ‘Sending Joy’

Sharie from Sending Joy writes about the pure essence of life, the Love that created our universe and the love and light that live within us. Her posts always touch my heart, but this one blessed my mind, also. I hope the same will happen for you and that you will visit her blog soon. Her email address is: sayit@sendingjoy.com.

“There is only one way to see the world and still be at peace.  That is through the eyes of God. Whenever we can’t understand what we see or the reason we are having a particular experience, let’s not try to figure it out. We can’t.  Our job is to simply be still and pray, “God let me see this through your eyes.” And peace will flood through us and we will know that beneath the devastation and beyond the insanity, there is a place where all is well.

No matter how terrible things look, there are always underlying miracles and blessings working to make corrections. Those miracles are God’s gifts and we must allow them and trust in them, be grateful for them and surrender everything else. In this way, are we now an instrument of peace, a channel for healing and a part of the solution.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is not recognizing our part in the healing of the world. We may think we want to be happy, and if we’re not it isn’t hurting anything. The fact is our happiness is essential to God’s Plan for our healing and the world’s.

May you walk in the world today with a happy heart and God’s vision for seeing all things through His eyes.”

2 thoughts on “Spirit Teacher: Happiness is Essential, A Guest Post from ‘Sending Joy’

  1. Yes, sometimes some situations seem so unreasonable that we lose our peace of mind and start getting frustrated on God. God has a plan even behind the most unreasonable situations, its all for our betterment. Thanks for the reminder. God is the healer, he’s merciful.

    Here is a test your readers might like. Find out if you are a mind-reader or if you can predict the future.

  2. What a very wonderful reminder. I continue to pray to be an instrument of God’s love and I accept that I need not understand everything that happens in life. I go on faith that God is my loving Father and he wants only the best for my soul.

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