Recycling and the Great Cosmic Being

Here is a picture of my “Recycle” sign and can, soon to be lined with compostable bags.









My inner-prompting to recycle again, spurred on by a magazine article,  even though the apartments I live in don’t offer the service, has led me on a mind-trip, one I have not enjoyed. Bottles of products I use, like the Clorox kitchen cleaner or the bathroom air freshener, and other things like drain cleaners and furniture polish and many more (think of all the products you use) have paraded through my mind like a line of wild party-goers, some even sticking their tongues out at me. (Yes, I do know I have ‘quite an imagination.’)

I thought of the Earth and all the garbage we humans create, especially us Americans because we mostly don’t think about the Earth, and was overwhelmed. I remembered a news report about the State of California trucking massive amounts of garbage to our state and paying us to dump it here. “It’s impossible,” I thought. “It’s too late. Plastic is God to manufacturers and retailers and it never breaks down. What can we, or Mother Earth, do?”

Then, when I was meditating this morning, I saw a picture in my mind. It was an immense Being of Light and we humans were on its skin and wherever a whole bunch of us gathered it was as though a disease was spreading, making dark holes in the skin. Then I heard a great belly laugh and everywhere we and the disease had spread was absorbed by waves of Light from the Being’s body. I heard in my mind, “When the shift in consciousness happens, your Mother will be healed by the Light she holds within herself.” Ever ready with yet another question, I asked, “So it doesn’t matter what we do? I don’t need to care about the Earth?”

“Inaccurate assumption,” I heard in my mind. “The actions of those who care about the Earth and other people, are helping to bring about the shift in consciousness. Do what you can, each of you, and you will share, and share in, the gifts of Love. It is never too late to care.”

That makes sense, doesn’t it, that it’s never too late to care? We can all do little things, like joining those who recycle the plastic, glass and cardboard they use, and don’t let the water run needlessly, and turn the lights off when we leave a room. According to the Great Being of Light, what we do, matters. We need not feel overwhelmed. Instead, let us share our gratitude with all of life, secure in the knowledge that the effect of our caring actions is Love.

Note: Compostible kitchen garbage bags are available at

5 thoughts on “Recycling and the Great Cosmic Being

  1. Congratulations on taking the plunge! The first steps are the hardest, but the more you delve into this new state of consciousness about consumption (on all levels), you will start to find that the process becomes more enjoyable. Strangely, it starts to feel like a treasure hunt for finding the next “right” bag, container, product, and/or practice and habit. On you go on this fine journey!

    • Hi Deb,
      Yes, it is quite the experience. Thanks for your expertise and kindness–and for adding to my growing experience.
      When I wrote about beginning to recycle again, I had asked, ‘But how will I remember to carry the cloth bags into the store?’ I got this answer, ‘Don’t worry. After you run out to your car a few times to get them, you’ll remember.’ You had suggested hanging them by the door–which I haven’t done yet. But they were in the car, at least. I forgot them today but remembered on my way to checkout. I had a mini-struggle, ‘It’s not so many plastic bags just for today…’ (which would have ultimately leaned me in the direction of giving up), so I left my cart in Customer Service and went back to my car to get them, which will definitely help me either to hang a hook by the door or to remember them as i leave the car! Ah, the New Adventures of Old Pam.

  2. Pam, this right here gets straight to the core of it:

    “The actions of those who care about the Earth and each other, are helping to bring about the shift in consciousness. Do what you can, each of you, and you will share, and share in, the gifts of Love. It is never too late to care.”

    It really integrates quite brilliantly the idea that yes, there is a greater consciousness, or God, or soul, or whatever people feel comfortable calling our connection to the source, and that at the same time we’re sent here with free will, so it is up to us whether we want to live in harmony with all of earth’s creation. And perhaps this is just me personally, but I feel like by caring for the earth we live on and learning to understand the interconnectedness or ecology of the natural world we are also getting closer to understanding the “ecology of sky,” the vast interconnected ecosystem of the soul that is God. As above, so below, and consequently, if we honor the world where our bodies reside we’re also honoring the world where our soul resides.

    Seeing you going on your recycling adventures is truly inspiring, and what I love about it is that you really seem to be enjoying yourself. Brilliant!

    • Thanks, Sven for tying the earth’s ecology to the ecology of sky. I have a new way to see the whole–and you’ve just helped me to understand how truly important, on so many levels, our efforts to love and respect the Earth are.

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