Earth: The Ultimate Testing Ground

We humans are complicated beings. We aren’t born, live and die like so many life forms of the animal, insect and plant kingdoms—we think and feel, have personal viewpoints and opinions about everything. We are two halves of a whole, one light and one dark, which means we have two possible outlooks going at all times. One part of us is connected, courageous and compassionate, while the other is separate, fearful and selfish. It is easy to see why we struggle so much.

I mentioned recently that I may never know the answer to my question, “Why are we born in physical bodies to grow closer to our Creator, a non-physical, spiritual being?” I received my answer last week: Earth is the ultimate testing ground for us and our shadow selves—how will we use our free will? We can do whatever we want to do. We can climb the high road or take the low road. We can give or we can take, use or misuse, shine our inner light or not.

Our shadow-selves, our whiny, wormy Gollum-selves are sneaky. We can believe we’re solidly planted on a spiritual path–for years–only to come across yet another layer of wants or beliefs that are running, dodging and looking for cover, hoping our higher selves won’t see them. (We can’t hide, nor do we need to, from our higher selves.)

No matter how many times our ‘Gollum’ side gets the best of us, we stand and straighten, shake it off, and remember that we are also like the loving, selfless hobbit, ‘Frodo,’ the other half of us who gets the job of ‘knowing ourselves’ done. The complete answer to my question (above) is: Earth is the ultimate testing ground for us and our shadow selves—how will we use our free will? And, as we live and learn, we grow into the tremendous potential of our true selves and find our purpose for being.

6 thoughts on “Earth: The Ultimate Testing Ground

  1. Aloha! Sorry I haven’t commented for a while. While I was walking to Curves this morning, I honed in on the idea that instead of giving myself a beating over ‘mistakes’, I should just turn things over to God and relax; our spirit self is already ‘perfect’, so, outside of time and space, we are already perfect. We don’t need to continue to chastise ourselves for being less than perfect, just like you wouldn’t chastise a child for falling down when it’s learning to walk. We should make the best of every stage of spiritual development by being patient and kind with ourselves as we are patient and kind with everyone else. After all, we are all in this journey together, just at different stages of the journey. And while on this path we can give a helping hand to those behind us, and learn from those ahead of us. Why would we be on the journey if we weren’t here to learn?

    • Hi, Anita! So glad to see your smiling face! Sometimes it seems the hardest thing to do is to be accepting of ourselves. We are here to help each other–thanks so much for stopping by. Love, Pam

  2. I think in order to fully understand ourselves we have to lose our guard and fall, we have to break, and be consumed by our “shadow selves”. Because, I believe, if we do not fully understand every aspect of ourselves then we cannot become fully spiritually, no matter what our chosen paths, or what religions say. We have to crawl before we may walk, we must walk before we can run, we must fall before we can pick ourselves back up and continue to walk along the uncertain path of this physical reality that is warped by depression, murder, and war. This is some of the darkest days in our history, we have to push on and be defiant. We are the change in the world, and if we can keep our heads held up high, we can be strong.

    This is no longer a matter of just keeping our heads above the water, we must keep our heads in the clouds so we may be able to lead everyone in the present and future into a better tomorrow. There is still time for us to band together and make a difference.

    • Hi Devin–you have left a passionate comment here today. Thank you.
      I remember the days of my youth when, in my early 20s, I said to my spiritual guide, “I don’t have a shadow self!” Oh, how she laughed. The shadow-self is a problem for many of us humans because we are trying to be good people and we DO NOT WANT TO SEE our dark sides. We can’t avoid the dark, though, and when we have lived long enough, we all see our dark sides exposed and learn what we are capable of under the right circumstances.
      Did you ever see the Jim Carrey movie, The Mask? I really liked it because whenever someone put on the mask, his dark side was exposed. For the character Jim Carrey played, this meant self-centered, wild and wacky behavior. For the mafia guy who wanted the mask, it meant the ultimate in dark power with murder, war, and destruction on his agenda. The scary part for people is, ‘What could my dark side do?’ so we try to stuff them down and go to church and pray they never get loose.
      You are so right about breaking before we can heal; that’s why I see the Higher Self/lower self situation as a kind of dance. We have to see and accept what we are, light and dark, yet if we do whatever we desire to do, we can hurt or damage ourselves and many others. Life is quite the teacher, but growing into our wholeness, into the place of Love is why we are here. You are so right about gathering together because growing through all that is happening now in our world would be very hard to do alone.
      Take care of yourself and hold your belief that we are all heading toward the Light because we are. The only difference is when.

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