Magic and the Great Mystery

I have read that magicians succeed in their shows by using distraction–they cause us to look over there while they’re actually working their tricks where we are not looking. The ability to do even this much is itself magical–imagine trying to get a whole roomful of people to look in one direction while you’re making what you’re really doing invisible to their eyes. I guess that is what con artists do, too.

Life is like a magic show. Getting an education, working, operating businesses, raising families–however we spend the fleeting moments of our lives–are distractions for most of us. We are busy and don’t see the ‘magic’ of our souls, the Love and Light ever signaling: Follow me. Look within. There is more. Find your purpose.

I was thinking this morning that no matter how many lives we have lived, or how many more we have yet to live, we can, at any time, choose to go slower, to notice our surroundings, to savor the moments of our lives and the love we share. We don’t have to be distracted and we don’t have to be miserable. It is within our power to choose to manifest the love-magic that is within us.

In that state-of-being, we find ourselves arm-in-arm with the Great Mystery, spreading kindness seeds and, because we have been shown the effects of our own numerous misdeeds and mistakes, we become non-judgers and love-messengers: ‘You are loved. You are forgiven. Open your heart–you are healed. Dwell not on the past and do not be tempted by the darkness; it is only an illusion. Celebrate! You are LOVE.’