Happy in this Moment?

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘Am I happy?’ Or, ‘What causes happiness?’ Maybe, like I did for many years of my adult life, you’re hunting for it without knowing where happiness really comes from.

The biggest lie about happiness is that it is born outside of us–like, I’ll be happy when I finally own the things I’ve always wanted. I still want to live in a home again–one that will house my children and their children, for Pete’s sake! I sit in our little apartment thinking about how wonderful that would be—how happy I’d be if that happened. But it’s not the truth, and I know it.

Happiness cannot be experienced at some point in a fantasized future. It can only be experienced in this moment, right now, and it wells up from within us. Though we may enjoy sharing the things we own, happiness always has to do with Love shared, never with the things themselves. How many of us Baby Boomers have built huge homes and accumulated a bunch of stuff, only to learn the stuff of itself has no true value?

Happiness means giving, not taking; loving, not marking territories; caring, not dismissing; and togetherness born of forgiveness and understanding. Joy is born of an at-one-ment with the Great Mystery that created the universe and joy wraps us and happiness in its arms in a great big, comforting hug.

Today is a good day to look deeply into yourself and your life and learn what makes you happy; and to recognize that you deserve happiness, no matter what you’ve done or not done, it is, as children of God, our destiny and an element of our purpose here on Mother Earth.


4 thoughts on “Happy in this Moment?

  1. Yes, true. Happiness is just the state of mind. One can be happy for no reason if he/she decides to be happy. But this is easier said than done. But still, one can try to be happy. Finding happiness by thinking about wonderful future is foolishness; finding happiness in the present is what will actually make you a happier person.

    Find out where you are on the happiness scale.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Tasneem. It is hard to do, but knowing that happiness can only happen in the moment is the first step to changing our happiness-level.

  2. Pam, the big house fantasy reminds me of that old Cat Stevens song, “Glad I’m alive:”

    I don’t want to live in a palace
    No, I don’t want to live in no palace
    Oh I don’t want to live in no palace
    There’s too many empty rooms

    I think this verse is my favorite one:

    I’d just like to live in a treehut
    Yes, I’d like to live on a treehut
    Yes, I’d like to live on a treehut and
    Listen to the sound of the birds

    While it’s not the size of a home that necessarily creates happiness, there’s something to be said about living in a place that feels comfortable. The right feng shui can go a long way towards aligning a physical space with your mental space and the natural environment.

    • Thanks, Sven. I know this in my head–it’s the longing for our old life together that overrides the truth.:) My personal fantasy land… I agree; I think even the big homes get lonely for people and life.
      My middle son rearranged the living room furniture in this small room before he left–and we must’ve done something Feng Shui right, because it feels so much more welcoming and comfortable.
      Thanks for your wisdom and for sharing it, too.

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