Whatever It Takes

Do you ever wake up, look around and feel certain that something is missing or just isn’t right? I think that’s because we are made of two essences: the physical one that too quickly returns to dust, and the one made of Spirit, thus the eternal lives of our souls. Think of it: Life in the physical world constantly calling us to busyness, even if that wasn’t our goal, and the tiny little voice or firefly-sized light always beckoning, yet mostly going unheard or unseen.

I’ve wondered, “Is this a joke? Could it be any harder to sit still, to quiet my mind? You want me to follow that little tiny light that I can’t even see most of the time?” Yet, if we want something real, something of true value to our hearts and souls, we must first decide, “All right, I’ll listen for the tiny voice, and I’ll search for the small light—and I won’t quit.”

It’s weird when you consider that what we think about most is the cause of what we get or have in life. And not only did we choose our parents before conception, we chose the parents who will most stimulate us to look beyond the surface of life, to see beyond life’s problems and competitions, successes and failures, to simply try to make some sense of it all. I don’t know if my question: ‘Why do we come to a physical world to grow closer to Spirit?,’ will ever be answered, but I am certain now that this is why we are here.

Whatever it takes, whoever we are, whatever we’ve done or not done, we’re meant to love and be loved, to care and to share, to grow closer together, not farther apart. To better the quality of our lives, we must change what we think about. When we release our opinions, we see how much we have in common with all human beings–with each other–and just how far a little bit of compassion will go.


9 thoughts on “Whatever It Takes

  1. Indeed – well said in that last para. We are indeed all One. What makes the divisions between us are the conditioning of the culture we are born into. With most cultures the underlying elements which, in my opinion separate us from each other are:-1] – lines on a map creating the boundaries of countries, 2] – Rulers, in whatever form we have given our power away to some authority outside ourselves, and 3] – finally, and perhaps the most devastating element of all – religion – in particular the three Abraham based – Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

    One other thing – we need to have a balance between men and women. This Global Patrichal imbalance is very much at the root of so much that is wrong and unloving in this world. Look at the possible stoning of this women in Iran because she was convicted of adultry without a proper trial, by Islamic exremists, and of course, all men!

    I know I have said some of this before in my articles but I have not a problem in repeating it!


  2. If only men and women could be more equal in their-selves. We’d probably be all better off if more men had more feminine qualities and had a better understanding of the opposite sex. If more people had the [feminine] qualities within them then we’d be more open to love and to care for one another. We’d be closer to our soul most definitely in my eyes. But from birth you are raised to think one way until you force yourself out of that grave that was dug for you as you were coming out of the womb. We’ve just got to find our way out and forge a new path away from the graveyard. That is that little light.

    • Again Devin you are absolutly right – to move towards a greater balance within oneself of these two energies – male and female is the answer. I have sometimes been taken for gay because of my more gentle nature – something ‘real’ men have a difficulty to understand. Michael.

  3. I know what you mean. People don’t understand that just because one of us doesn’t do or think the way they do that we must be the opposite of them. It’s sad. Very sad.

    • It is and sometimes it’s really hard, but by our actions we are known and that really comes home as we age. It’s love and compassion that make a difference in the world and you know love and compassion, Devin. Never leave what you know behind–carry it with you always and you will help to heal the world.

  4. Well – I guess I should add my 2 cents worth since you’ve hinted at me to do so, Pam! 🙂

    Although not directly connected but certainly relevant I think to the ‘errors’ of these times is how much “Image” has been totted by the commercial advertising media, especially on the visual media – TV and the press.

    To explain – when we watch commercials for a product whether a face cream – a hair shampoo – or a laundry detergent – we are usually shown an image of a beautiful young women or a good looking man who uses the product as it is felt obviously by the advertisers that this will sell it.

    It indicates to me how shallow we have become as a society and how we have given our power to the image ideology which lacks depth or relevance to the product being advertised. It is an element I see right across our societies and how we are inter-acting with those around us – the need to impress.

    Thoughts? Michael.

    • A very good point, Michael. Thank you. So much of what we think about is related to the relentless efforts of marketers to sell, sell, sell. The part that really bothers me is that it appears there is money to be made even in poor quality products! And, in America anyway, jars, boxes and bags keep shrinking so the manufacturers can keep the price the same. I think, ‘But isn’t it more expensive to re-tool the assembly line for smaller sizes than to simply increase the price, suffering whatever losses this causes?’ I better not get going on advertising or I’ll never stop… But, I keep a project on my lap while watching TV and press MUTE when the commercials come on, especially now that there are so many and story-time is down to about 35-40 minutes of every hour. Just my way of coping, I guess.

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