Oil, Illusion, Mother Earth and the Love-Door

The seeming-to-never-end BP oil spill (gusher) in the Gulf of Mexico—its debilitating effects on the people (their ways of life and livelihoods) and the birds and marine animals who live there (some endangered, who may now become extinct)—has caused us all to question what we believe about oil. Does BP secretly consider the six-month payments of lost income ‘quiet-down’ money? Can Big Money fix everything, even destruction of life at this level? Are we ready to grow up and implement non-oil-based, sustainable (sun, wind, water) solutions to meet our energy needs? If not, why are we not ready? For the oilmen and their stockholders, it’s pretty much about established-riches, isn’t it? And, for us, it’s about habits, correct?

I find myself, in light of the under-ocean oil gusher, getting stuck now on which of these life outlooks is true:

Is this existence truly an illusion–a hologram–that we detach from and leave behind (through spiritual commitment) to discover the real world, the world of Light and Love and Peace? (It doesn’t feel right to me to leave our Mother Earth, a great living, loving being, nearly or actually destroyed.) (Did you know that mankind, in our relatively short time on earth, has dug up and changed the surface of 75 percent of the land on our planet?)

Or, are we born to grow through the nitty-gritty of life and become caring stewards of poverty-or-disaster-stricken people and of our dirtied planet, spreading the seeds of healing and compassion wherever we are and, on this path, all problems are transformed by Light and Love?

Or, as I’m realizing as I write, are these two ideas actually the same thing? Are we meant to roll up our sleeves and get to work and open up to inspiration that leads us through the Love-door? This feels more like it. Most of us wouldn’t abandon our loved ones, so why would we abandon our life-giving Mother, all her creatures and ourselves?

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2 thoughts on “Oil, Illusion, Mother Earth and the Love-Door

  1. I feel like a lot of the exploitation and destruction we humans are engaged in dates back to a misunderstanding in the old testament. You know, those passages around Genesis 1:28 where God says to “go improve the land and subdue the beasts” and so forth. I have the feeling that what got lost in translation (not just into English but between God and the original writers) was that any “improvement” must be rooted in an equilibrium of ecological balance and respect for our non-human cohabitants on this planet. For even from the most anthropocentric perspective it is downright insane to deplete and pollute the only planet and habitat we have and depend on for survival. I know our big brains have led us to believe that we could live and thrive outside of the natural ecosystem, but if we actually used those organs to our full god-given capacity there would be no denying that the only sensible way to live is in accordance to the laws of nature: We cannot indefinitely take out more than we put back in. It’s like a cosmic credit card, and the bills have finally come due. Luckily, many people all across the world are realizing this, and I think if we all work together to balance not only our physical but emotional and spiritual budgets, we can use these times of reckoning as a springboard to a new understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.

    • Thank you, Sven, as always for your wise, thoughtful perspective. You got right to the heart of the matter. And because “many people all across the world are realizing this,” we just may have our world-healing miracle. I’m looking forward to it!

      P.S.–I’d rather post this as a Guest Post than a comment.

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