Meeting Our Guardian Angels

This beautiful angel is courtesy of Google images. I'm afraid I don't know who the artist is.

Have you felt the presence of your guardian angel?

I often see a purple light in my mind’s eye, especially when meditating. One day back in 1998, my therapist asked me to ask the purple light it’s name. “Amethyst,” I heard (again in my mind.) Hearing her voice is not like hearing with my ears or, I’m assuming, like when people hear a voice telling them to go torture and kill people. (Amethyst actually sounds a bit like Julie Andrews with an English accent.) It’s hard to describe, but I somehow see and hear the words—but not through my eyes or ears. The mind has to have a way of seeing and hearing; most of us have experienced seeing with our minds in dreams, daydreams, or when using our imaginations. Hearing is another part of the process. Who knows what else we can do?

My guardian has warned me a few times of dangers. One night, I saw a baby boy and heard ‘danger’ in my mind. Though I called my children to check on them, my eldest son was jumped from behind and beaten at a party later that night. And, though even my sons question our remembering, one day on the way to taking my daughter to school, we were driving slowly (15 mph) in a school zone when I saw a large, raised-up old steel truck coming fast out of a parking lot. I assumed he would stop but he didn’t. He was inches away and my daughter and I both screamed, me thinking she would be killed, when we were moved a car length down the road. We drove on, trembling and speechless for a bit, then shared that we knew our guardian angels had protected us.

I’ve been writing a children’s story about a seven-year-old boy who is, as is his mom, being beaten by his dad. When the story first came, I could see it in a book in my mind’s eye and I was typing as I read it. It was very cool (and it made me wonder if this is how stories really come to us) but I was introduced in the story to the idea that angels work together. In the story, the boy’s angel and his mom’s angel work together, telling the father over and over that “he is a good man.” And that is what happened to my daughter and I—our angels worked together.

I think our guardian angels are far more a part of our lives than we know. Amethyst says that not one of us is ever alone, that our guardians are always with us, and I have the feeling they’d like us to ask for their guidance, to trust in the partnership between beings with free will (us) and a Love-representative for each of us, a gift from our Creator. A friend of mine has written a beautiful and profound book called Lit from Within, about our real purpose for being born and how our guardians assist us.

Is today is a good day to meet your guardian angel?