I See Your God-Spark. Can You See Mine?

The Trail of Tears by Max D. Standley, from Michelson Galleries and Chattogariver.org









I will never forget certain scenes from the movie, Schindler’s List, like when people were stuffed into sweltering train cars for days at a time, treated like animals, with no food or breaks to use toilets, with their arms outstretched from small openings in the car, begging for water when the train stopped to pick up more ‘passengers.’

How did anyone survive that inhumanity? Another scene that made me shudder was when the Nazi soldiers put on display their spirit-breaking techniques by stripping Jewish people of their clothing and forcing them to run naked in circles in front of visiting ‘dignitaries.’ This makes me think of when the U.S. forced 15,000 Cherokee Indians to be ‘relocated,’ because the new Americans wanted the bountiful land. The Indians walked over a thousand-miles on the Trail of Tears, so named because only the strong survived and they were forced to leave their children and older parents, anyone who fell, right where they dropped. Four-thousand Cherokees fell, and those who could still walk were not allowed to stop and say goodbye.

I so admire people who make human rights the work of their lifetimes. If they did not make this commitment and did not remind us that every human being is a child of God with certain inalienable rights, surely only our Creator knows how low we humans could go.

There is something each of us can do to add Love and light to the world (which benefits the planet and all other creatures, too) and that is to look for the God-spark in every person we know, in every person we meet. In spite of, or perhaps because of, man’s inhumanity to man, we can choose to be more kind, more respectful, more patient and tolerant of differences, more understanding and more forgiving–at home, at work, with our neighbors, on the subway and yes, even while driving. It is a dog-eat-dog world only if we make it that way–by acting like animals. It is a sharing and caring world when we remember that we are all linked by our souls, through our loving hearts.