The Blessed Moments of Non-Struggle

God’s will. Deep subject. I remember at a meditation meeting years ago when someone asked, “But how do we know what God’s will is?” The answer is often a long time coming because we humans are afraid to simply abandon ourselves to the Great Mystery. We don’t even know what ‘abandoning ourselves’ means and besides, we’ve got places to go, people to see, things to do. And we want what we want, now. Some desires are obvious. Some are buried–for good reason. Who knows what we’d unearth if we set ourselves onto a spiritual path?

Yet, unconditional love will remain the greatest of mysteries until we do. There are only two life paths: One in which we, “Do it My Way;” the other in which we are loved beyond measure and we live our lives blessing others with that same love. Because we are born on Earth with free will, growing through ‘me, me, me’ and ‘mine, mine, mine,’ is a necessary, evolutionary process, a painful path we must all walk. Someone once asked me, “Well, would you rather be a robot?” I thought about it and said, “Sometimes, yes. I’ve had enough pain, thank you very much.”

Ah, ha! The crux of the matter: the pain of loss, of guilt, of betrayal, of being left behind,  simply becomes too much. So we ask, “Hello? God? Are you there? It’s me. You do remember me, don’t you?” This has got to be our Creator’s Great Smiling Moment. “Yes, dear one. Of course, I remember you. I love you. I am always with you, even when you don’t know it.” And when we don’t want to know it, as is often the case.

So, how do we define God’s will? For me, it’s those blessed moments of non-struggle, of the peaceful certainty that all is well, that I can relax because Love is in charge. I call the struggler in me my shadow-self, and our shadow-selves have inferiority-complexes–imagine trying to compete with all-forgiving, all-encompassing, everlasting Love! Shadow-selves have to work darn hard, offering up a whole lot of rewards to even have a chance. But–a chance for what?

No matter our goals and achievements, as long as we choose might over love, greed over compassion, condemnation over forgiveness, we cannot experience the very essence of who we are: Love. When we tire of the games and the pain, we are meant to turn within and make the most real contact of all, with the Maker of our souls.