Love, Grace and Time Travel

The world is changing around us. On the surface, it seems the type of change that could be the end of us all. If we look deeper–peer into the ‘Great Mystery’s’ vision for us, there is unending Love and, because in our universe Love is the answer to every question and Love creates beauty– everything that seems impossible, like peace between races, religions, and governments, is more than possible—it’s predestined.

It’s like two comic book stories. One is dark in intent and heavy and meant to leave the reader feeling dark and heavy. This is the world of earthquakes and floods and manmade disasters that could destroy the world. The other story is light in intent and generous and meant to leave the reader light and overflowing with gratitude and compassion.

What would a world of Love and grace be like? I’ve wondered that myself. After all, a story isn’t a great story without conflict, and a protagonist becomes a hero only by accepting and completing that with which he is charged. I’ve answered this question for myself this way: If we humans weren’t spending our life force on the struggle for survival and the conflict struggle creates, and hadn’t made accumulating our god, whole new worlds would open up for us. We’d never be bored because our problems would cease to exist and we’d go exploring. Exploring! We’d be creativity unleashed.

Maybe we’d meet other races—from other planets. Maybe we’d learn how to travel through time, intent upon making life better. Was it Stephen Hawking who said we can travel forward in time, but not backward, because once we met up with our past selves, he or she in the original timeline would die; therefore, there’d be no us to travel back. But, what if he’s wrong? What if we could travel backward and forward through other dimensions or a wormhole to a parallel planet? We simply don’t know all that is possible in our universe—but it would sure be fun to see the sights, wouldn’t it?

I’ve grown tired of the troubles in our third-dimensional world. I’m ready to heal, to venture inward and outward and have some really fun escapades. How about you? It feels to me like taking down a Berlin Wall. Let’s take this troubled world apart, brick by brick, and in its place rebuild us traveling to where no human has gone before. Sounds good to me!


4 thoughts on “Love, Grace and Time Travel

  1. Hello Pam Dear. This is a beautiful message. I agree with you that the world is changing at a fantastic rate. And it is changing for the better. The reason it looks so dramatic, so intense and so filled with disasters is because it isn’t easy for us to give up the fear and the pain that we’ve cherished for so long. The ego isn’t going out like a lamb, but I do believe it is going out and it is happening with every thought we choose that comes from Love. It is leaving with every choice we make to see things differently and our every desire for a better way. It is disappearing with every kind thought and every loving message like yours, with every tiny willingness to let go and let the Divine Universe be our guide in all things. It may not always look like it, but the world is changing from the ego’s domain to God’s Holy Heaven right here on earth. Love, Sharie

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