Beyond Our 3-D World

I once heard a physicist (I think) say, “The whole universe exists within each of us.” I know from our day-to-day perspectives that sounds crazy, but I don’t think it is. We, our physical bodies and our energetic bodies surrounding us, are made of every substance and non-substance in the universe. We are linked to the universe through our souls and that makes me think the whole universe is within us. Think of those sci-fi stories about parallel earths or other dimensions. There’s a whole lot we don’t know. A WHOLE lot.

We tend to get stuck in the physical, to focus on life in our 3-D world—but there is a great world of adventure out there—and within, too—to be explored. I loved the TV show Quantum Leap. The people who jumped through the wormholes had a handheld device that could open and close the holes between parallel planets or other time periods, but they always had to leave after so many hours. Sometimes people stole the device and sometimes they ended up in worlds with T-Rex’s. My favorite episodes were the ones that answered questions like, ‘What if the Allies hadn’t won WWII? Or what if Joseph McCarthy had been allowed free reign in the 1950s?’

Those shows were thoughtful reminders of how easy it is for crazed-with-power people to dominate a country or a world. If we are going to honor the freedoms granted all citizens by our U.S. Constitution, we must stand and face the bullies. Not only are we all equal in the eyes of the law, we are all equal in the eyes of the Creator. We live in troubled times on a troubled planet, but if enough of us seek peace, understanding and forgiveness, we will change our Earth into paradise.