Emperors, Masters, Big Heads, Oh My!

But, please, Your Highness! It's my livelihood!

You know how they make those lists of the country’s and the world’s most wealthy men and women? Most of them didn’t get there by being good guys, but a few did. Oprah and Warren Buffett, I believe; I’m sure there are others. One thing about those lists, if you’re in the top ten, the desire to move up must be maddening, as though what is owned in the sixth or eighth position isn’t enough. It must be hard not to manipulate people and events to benefit personal assets and status.

This desire, however, is at the very heart of the world’s economic and environmental problems because, for the extremely wealthy, there is only one answer to the question, “When is enough, enough?” There is never enough. Just ask Scrooge. Oh, but Scrooge had a change of heart and recognized the value of compassion and companionship—the value of people, of paying well his hard-working employees, of celebrating friendship and love. Well, maybe Scrooge can explain it to them.

If we look back throughout history, there have always been kings and queens, emperors, masters, land owners, heads of church and heads of state. They were born certain that they were entitled and of better breeding than their peasants/slaves. If not born into opulence, they crawled up the backs of peons. We could spend a lifetime trying to understand the psychology and maneuvers of these people and we’d come up short, because only those in the game can truly appreciate what is required to be there. Are these folks and their maneuvering growing stale? You can say that again!

I don’t envy their lifestyles or possessions, but I do wish they’d been checked somehow, so they wouldn’t have made life so hard for average, working people. I guess any real ‘checking’ would have to be by the rule of law. And it probably never crossed the minds of the unemployed, the homeless and the hungry, that work/paychecks could disappear altogether. If we’ve always had a job, we believe we will always have one. If a good education is beyond our reach, or we thought we’d always have work, are these problems ‘too bad for us?’ Should we all have chosen self-employment to survive? Can self-employment even work in a manipulated economy?

Tough questions and I don’t know any answers, other than we can’t lose hope over all this. We must hold each other close, be kind to one another, look around and do whatever we can to help someone who is hurting—a smile, a hug, a kind word—maybe more. You are needed. Shine on.


2 thoughts on “Emperors, Masters, Big Heads, Oh My!

  1. You are very true when you say that the privileged class, the people who have loads of money, should be the ones to help the underprivileged ones and people who have other economic troubles. What we can do from our side should be done, even if that’s only a smile, we never know what difference it may bring about … Here is something that might help with that: Can I Change the World? – How do you view your power equation with the world?

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