The Momentum of Life

we’re Moving Faster Than the Bullet Train!

This morning, I sat and enjoyed the view out the sliding glass door, a beautiful almost-summer day–light and shadows from trees mixing it up on the wall of the building across from us. Spring blossoms, which were stunning this year due to all the late snow and rain, have fallen and the trees and shrubs have filled out into their confident summer colors.I saw my family this weekend at my nephews’ Little League games and my brother mentioned what a hard time all the trees were having this year, that they had a near-dead look to them.

I said, “No, they are gorgeous this year, full of huge blossoms, and not just the fruit trees. There are some locust trees near us whose purple blossoms are so heavy, they’re straining the trees’ branches.” He pointed to some trees around the baseball fields and I saw. The foliage was small and weak, the branches looking dry. Later that day when I walked Max, I saw three maples in the east parking lot that don’t look like they’ll make it, leaves dry, diseased, curling. Another tree in that same area is beautiful, but it is struggling to find water.And that is how we humans are: We each see only what we see. Many moons ago I was on an appointment to sell advertising for our small newspaper. As I was leaving, I mentioned all the birds and how lovely the area was. The woman said to me, “Oh, you young people never see the birds.” I am back in my car thinking, “She just told me I did not see what I see!” We older humans are especially good at not acknowledging what young people do see.:)

Geez, talk about a long lead-in to my point . . . which is, there are six and a half billion people on our planet and that means six and a half billion points of view–and they’re ever-shifting points of view, depending on what is happening inside each of us. This is why two people can be looking at the same scene and see two different things. One sees a gloomy, overcast day and the other perceives an extraordinary show of light lining each of the gray clouds. This is why people working for the same company feel so differently about their jobs; one feels blessed and one feels stressed. This is why one marriage is successful and another isn’t; what we feel, think and do creates the quality of of our lives.

I sense a great tug-of-war now, caused because some of us believe the real world is made of light and love, only a blink away, and others of us believe the world is going to hell. One thing is certain–everything is escalating. I like to think this intensity and momentum of life is because, like the boom heard when the sound barrier is broken, we are powering up to make that shift into a world of light and love. (Maybe there will be a light show in place of the boom?)

I also believe the choice to shift or to stay in this world belongs to each of us. Can you imagine a world at peace? Could you let go of the past and accept that you are Loved? Have you thought about what you will do if given a choice?


2 thoughts on “The Momentum of Life

  1. Wow, I like the way you have refreshed “Notes Along The Path.” Good job!!!

    Thanks for sharing this post. I like especially, “what we feel, think and do creates the quality of each of our lives.” This is so true Pam.

    Keep posting.

    • Thanks, Michael. Took me a whole year to settle on what best represents Notes Along the Path, but I think I got it, at last. It’ll probably change as life goes on, but it’s perfect for now. And thanks for the encouragement to keep posting. I really appreciate that.

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