The Place of Love–Not Fear

On the third, I posted a note about fear, and today received a comment from rajeevelkunchwar: “Doubt breeds fear. If you stop doubting (and remove the cause of doubt or uncertainty, i.e. accept or love instead), fear should recede.”

He is so right. And his comment caused me to remember back when I believed, “We can’t just accept everything. We’re not supposed to accept everything—we’re supposed to change the world!” I thought ‘observing and detaching,’ as in acceptance, was cold and heartless. I specifically thought that medical personnel at hospitals were cold and uncaring and I resented them for that. Many years later, I understood they couldn’t move on to caring for the next patient if they let themselves be devastated by the last one, and that’s how life really is for all of us. We can’t solve the difficulty in front of us (and the ones to come) while we’re hysterical or frozen with fear. We must step back, calm ourselves and open to our inner higher guidance for problem-solving.

Doors open for us when we accept that what is happening right now IS happening right now. Denial shuts us down. We’re right here—nowhere else—and it is from here we must act. More significant, finding our own personal calling cannot happen from the spaces of fear, doubt, anger or vengeance. Our callings come from our hearts and send us on peacemaking missions, and peacemaking is the essence of rajeevelkunchwar’s comment: Though it may seem counter-intuitive that unconditional love is expressed when we step back from our upset, it is actually the only place it can come from. That space, accessing that place, is our purpose for being born on Earth.


2 thoughts on “The Place of Love–Not Fear

  1. How very, very true. I know for a fact that I cannot do anything productive while I’m angry or upset. It’s only after I’ve calmed down that I can even see the picture clearly.
    I find it helps when I start the day with thanks-giving and prayer. It sets a tone, a vibration which allows me to be of service. Insights appear as well as revelation. There’s also room for reflection.
    I am so proud of you, dear Pam, for being faithful in doing this blog which, at times, I am sure hasn’t been easy for you at all. God bless you and continue doing this great service.

    • I am proud of myself, too, that I made a commitment and stuck with it. Those days when I didn’t feel inspired it was hard to write, but then you or some other caring person would leave a comment and help to recharge my battery. It’s been a great experience and I so appreciate you being here with me. I could always feel you side-by-side. Thanks, Anita. Love you lots.

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