We Are Not Our Fears

Standing Tall

Ah, fear. . .don’t you just want to grab fear by the neck and throttle it? I do. I want to make a fear-punching bag, drop in a list of my major fears and go at it. Punch! Kick! Slam! (They say exercise helps relieve stress, right?) And to think in my younger years I thought of myself as a pacifist. Well, I was, until I had my children and then all bets were off. Don’t mess with any mama bear and her cubs.I still long for peace; there just doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it, except take my spiritual commitment seriously. If our fears and desires for a healthy environment were effective, BP (British Petroleum) would have already plugged their manmade, undersea oil gusher, but they can’t or won’t do it. (I thought bringing giant oil tankers to the gulf to soak up the oil already in the ocean was the best idea yet. No takers, though. Too much trouble?) I hope to live to see the end of negativity and a time when all of us humans, wherever we are, live side-by-side as neighbors who care about each other, who watch out for each other’s children and elders; who’ve received quality educations, have equal opportunities and safe homes to love, with access to healthy food and water. I can’t think of one good reason we all shouldn’t have those things. Can you?

Sorry, I digressed. What is fear? Fear is the other side of love and nearly as powerful. There is just one giant-sized difference: Love is a part of us, seeded in our souls, connecting us to the compassionate energy of the universe. Fear is not a natural part of us; we make it up. In fact we custom design our fears, all on our own. It comes not from our hearts, but from the dark corners of our minds. And fear is a liar, a busybody with a big mouth. Think about it: Is anything you’re afraid of right now, happening right now? Fear is us imagining the worst. If the worst should happen, we move into survival mode, which is not the same as fear. And if that worst thing did happen, wouldn’t you eventually rebuild your life? The qualities of understanding, acceptance and rebuilding are who we are; they are integral parts of us, like shelves to a library. We are NOT fear. Let’s roll up our sleeves, palm some drums and shout, “I am NOT fear and I am not gonna take it anymore!”


6 thoughts on “We Are Not Our Fears

  1. Thank you for your thoughtful post. I’m reading Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth right now, and he has some interesting things to say about fear. And yes, that fear’s a beast! It can bring about a “distortion in your perception of other people and yourself,” he says, causing us to “misinterpret every situation, leading to misguided action designed to rid you of fear and satisfy your need for more, a bottomless hole that can never be filled…”

    More love, less fear, I say!


    • Thank you, Susan, for adding your comment. I love the “distortion in our perception” that causes us “to misinterpret every situation.” It’s the best description of how fear affects us I’ve heard. Fear has been a beast for me and it still affects me in some areas of my life. I’m very much looking forward to the moment when love is all there is.:) Take care.

  2. Doubt breeds fear. If you stop doubting (and remove the cause of doubt or uncertainty, i.e. accept or love instead), fear should recede.

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