Annoyed with Loved Ones?

Sometimes we feel irritated with the people we live with—this or that habit or peculiarity is “really getting old.” The truth is, we all have parts to our personalities that “get old” and it is loving-kindness that gets us through the rough patches. (Thank goodness, or none of us would have others to live with!) Those we live with are here partly to teach us about ourselves. We are mirrors for each other, truly–when we are alone it’s much harder to see our own reflection, to see the areas where we still need to grow. (And we offer this same assistance for them.)

It all comes back to compassion. We may not necessarily understand each other, but we do know how hard life can be at times, how it twists and turns, how we all have successes and defeats. We share so much in common in our human nature that we could easily be more forgiving of our loved ones–if we wanted to. I’m not talking about any form of abuse or misuse; that’s a whole other story. I’m talking about the imperfections we tend to focus on in our partners, friends, family, and children, and that we could turn that imperfection-mirror onto ourselves and see that we have as many things out-of-balance as our loved ones, as even our co-workers and neighbors. An outcome of turning the mirror on us is that we learn to see and love ourselves just as we are. The natural progression from there is to love others in the same way and perhaps even help them to learn, also, to be compassionate people.


4 thoughts on “Annoyed with Loved Ones?

  1. This is a good seeing Pam – for I have observed within myself over the years that what often annoys me about another person is what is unseen or unresolved within myself – Otherwise how would I recognise it?

    One can observe and see things in another, but the difference is in simply observing or when it invokes a somewhat strong negative reaction, this tells me it is something I need to look at.


  2. It truly is amazing how sweet and gentle I can be with total strangers and then I find myself wanting to hit my husband UPSIDE HIS STUPID for annoying the heck out of me. It’s like the song says, YOU ALWAYS HURT THE ONES YOU LOVE.
    It continues to be a challenge not to strike out at the MIRROR we live with, but progress is being made.

    • It’s a struggle for everyone, Anita, especially in the ‘escalating’ times we live in. We are never alone, in the hard times and in the times we can fully express our love. God is always within and you are a great example of that. Love you.

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