Seeing More Clearly

I have allergies, which have apparently turned into a cold that’s keeping me up at night with all the draining stuff. (Sorry for the detail.) I have learned that each cold or flu or eye infection—whatever the bug is—comes to us with a message that something inside needs a tune-up.

For example, when I’m judgmental of another person or persons, I get a bubble on my eye that hurts. (I think this happens as a reminder of Christ’s words, “Remove the beam from your own eye before you judge another for his beam.”) The last time I got the eye-bubble I said, “What? I’m not being judgmental.” But, as the hours passed, judgmental thoughts about a particular situation in my life showed themselves, one after another, in my mind. “Okay, I see. I give,” and I let them go. It can be safely said that every time we pass judgment on another person or a situation, we don’t have the whole picture—we’re not seeing what it looks like from the other’s point of view.

I don’t know yet why the cold, but I’ll know soon enough. I guess the message is, It’s so easy to be short-tempered with other people, when, if we were in their shoes, we’d likely act the same way. We live in stressful times and can heal ourselves of some of that stress by seeing others as suffering with similarly stressful problems. We would be shocked if there was a way to stand next to those we judge the most and show that person’s problems to us, and our problems to them. We are all the same.

Lastly, we judge others the most for weaknesses we ourselves have. I remember the first time I really heard that; I adamantly denied it. It took years for me to see that the seeds of what I judged in others were also in me. It works the other way, too: Whatever we most admire in others is also in us. It’s best to let go of the judgments as soon as we become aware of them, and look within ourselves at the work there that needs to be done. In this way, we ‘know ourselves’ and grow closer to the truth of who we ALL are: sons and daughters of a Loving Creator.