How Do You Know if You’re On a Spiritual Path?

How do we know if we’re on a spiritual path? For me, it started with a sense that there had to be more than just rising, working, eating, cleaning, and sleeping–all the day-to-day stuff. There had to be a higher purpose and answers to questions like: Where does love come from? Why do we suffer losses? What happens after we die? Though we can surely express our loving sides wherever we are, we must intentionally and consistently search for the reasons we chose to be born on Earth, in this time period–for this searching leads us to our soul-callings that are expressed as loving-kindness and, for some of us, a desire to make a positive difference.

And we have to be open-minded and –hearted because we can’t explore undiscovered territory with a closed mind. We keep looking until we find a spirituality that fits with us and, though we may be supported and inspired by saints or gurus, we must ultimately accept that the spiritual journey and merger/transformation is between us and God (aka Source/Love/the Universe/Higher Power).

We also develop discernment along the way, a sense of, “This does or does not feel right.” We commit to the higher road, because there are two sources of, “This doesn’t feel right”–our higher selves and our lower selves. Our shadow selves do not intend to ‘go quietly into the night’ because they don’t care if there is more. They want what they want, when they want it. It is our lower selves that experience the transformation from ‘me, me, me’ to oneness with all life, through our soul-natures. At the end of a life of practicing loving-kindness, whether we practiced religion formally or not, great joy will be ours.