The White-Winged Messenger

In my mid-twenties (1977 maybe?) I was on vacation with a large group of friends in Mexico. I had already made a spectacle of myself by trying to walk through a very clean (I swear) large glass door carrying  four or five friends’ glasses. I was lucky the door didn’t break, but my face felt pretty smushed (and got really red) and I dropped all the glasses. I could hear my friends roaring and some strangers joined in, too. I wasn’t drunk—bumbling was/is just me.

So a few days later, when I was out again at the pool area, standing there quietly, minding my own business, a small meteor crashed onto my head. No, that’s just what it felt like. It was, unbelievably, a big ball of droppings from an overhead seagull. I cried out, “Owww!” and reached up, only to feel something thick and oily running down my head in several places. One of my friends kind of screamed (she couldn’t think of anything more horrible) and I heard a bunch of, “Euhs,” then another round of uproarious laughter. Someone handed me a towel and I ran all the way back to my room to shower and while in there, I decided I just wasn’t going back to the pool again. Who knew what would happen next?

I wish I had known then that when a wild bird/animal/insect makes contact with us (in whatever way they choose—I mean, think of the luck!) they bring a message. A beautiful seagull, all-white, except for the very tips of its wings (as far as I can tell from my earthly vantage point) lives around here and swoops by me once in a while to say hello. So I recently reread the section on seagulls (Herring Gulls) in Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews. I wondered if I’ve “gotten” the message from thirty-five years ago. Here are some highlights from the book:

“Sea gulls are actually shore birds, and they seldom venture far from land. Shorelines are places of great mystery and magic. It is a place neither of land nor of the sea; it is between the two. It is one of those regions often associated with fairy contact.

It knows how to work in both [the air and water] kingdoms; it knows the behaviors appropriate to both. This reflects the ability to teach you how to behave and work in other dimensions than that which is normal.

The appearance of a gull usually indicates lessons or abilities in proper behavior, courtesy, and communication. It may reflect you need the lessons, or that you may become the teacher of such. It may also reflect new learning in the subtleties of communication.

It has ties to proper eating behaviors, stimulation of diet (physical and otherwise), and more.”

If I’d been more open, less fearful and less inclined to think that people who see fairies and receive messages from other dimensions could be a little crazy, I might’ve been more sensitive to the effects of my behavior and times of discourtesy. I have the planet Mercury in Aries (the Ram), and have had many lessons in not interrupting people, and in listening to what others are saying, and what they are feeling, but may not be saying. I often say too much or I am too direct. And I’m still learning lessons about eating properly; I crave sweets when stressed, I eat too fast and more than I should to have a healthy body.

So, though I am more myself now than I’ve ever been, I still have ‘miles to go.’ It’s okay. I’m enjoying the journey of learning who I really am more now than ever.


3 thoughts on “The White-Winged Messenger

  1. It’s interesting to see what that could have symbolized. You in a sense are teaching all of us who come here. We are communicating our beliefs and thoughts as one. We are sharing because you have taught us of a common ground. Your blog. You speak of things that come from somewhere beyond our comprehension and we come here hoping to help or to gain something in return. The greatest teacher I think is collaboration. I’ve learned more in the past 13 years of conciousness by collaborating with others instead of sitting in a class room.

    • Common ground–I love those words, especially when applied to spiritual beliefs. We all have the same hearts and souls and we all want the same thing: to love and be loved. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your comments and collaboration, Devin, because that is what life truly is–we’re all in this together.

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