No Sledge Hammer to the Head


A spiritual journey, searching for meaning, purpose or connection with that which is beyond ourselves, is the most worthwhile commitment we will ever make. It is why we are all born here and though I don’t fully understand why taking on a physical body is necessary for the growth of our souls, being here means being ‘in school’–and life is our teacher. We are born with a conscience (our soul-connection) and the power of free will (what will I do today/with my life and with whom?) and our life-journeys are made up of the struggle between the two, and how we transform the struggling into living a life of meaning, purpose and connection. (Or not.)

This seems straightforward, but most of us don’t want to simply abandon ourselves for our Higher Purpose. We want what we want, when we want it and it’s easy to ignore our consciences. The conscience is a still, small voice, not a sledge hammer to the head. My middle son once said to me, “It’s not really free will, mom, if we are unhappy because of the choices we’ve made.” I can see his point, yet that really is our choice: Joy or misery? Love or fear? Health or disease? Peace or war? (I guess if we want to dominate, use, manipulate or torment others and be joyful and fulfilled, we’d better ask to be born on a different planet, though I doubt a place like that exists in a universe created by a Loving Being.)

Living on Earth right now is intense. We know more about disasters and man’s inhumanity to man everywhere on the planet, non-stop, than we do about our own human-and-god-natures. In order to answer the questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Where did I come from and what happens when I die?, we must make seeking our first priority. Life may be intense, but right now, with the 2012 reality-shift (the last one occurred 26,000-years ago) upon us, all channels to Love are open and tuned so that we each may find the one that best fits with our individual needs to advance spiritually. Seek and we shall find.


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    • Thanks, Devin …yes, interesting for all of us–and awesome for those of us ‘linking up’ to the Source of Love, which will, at some point in time, be all of us.

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