Banishing Fear at 11 Months

It’s eleven months today since I began posting at Notes Along the Path. What a journey it has been. Some days I partnered up with my Higher Self and the writing was inspirational, at least to me.:) Some days I was upset by the state of affairs in our country (the U.S.) and the world and I let the ‘me vs. them’ attitude take hold. No matter how selfish the behavior of our representatives in Congress and the wealthy-elite, our intolerance does nothing to change their behavior–it only inflames their sense of superiority and entitlement. It is the sharing of our stories that melts cold-heartedness into compassion, and that’s why more of us need to do this communications-work. We all have inspirations within and when we ask sincerely, the ideas come. We can and do make a difference on this worldwide ‘net.’

I’ve met incredible people online and some have become blogging-friends. I lost one friend (that I know of) and I don’t know why. This makes me sad because he is a man of knowledge who encourages young people to go and make a difference in the world, and I miss his inspiring wisdom. The friends I have made tend to be those who’ve gotten ‘to the heart of their matters’ and are traveling the ‘know-thyself’ road, and their healing, awakening journeys encourage the rest of us. More than anything, we humans need to open up and share. This is how we can make things better, no matter how young or old. We all have life experiences and, therefore, stories, and the heart to share them–if we so choose.

But the most helpful thing any of us can do for ourselves, other humans and our world is to rise above our fears. My journey took me to the depths of guilt and fear of god-inflicted-paybacks, which is a false path. How could we ever connect with the Loving Presence with our heads hung low and hearts and minds full of shame and fear? Though I had begun to realize this truth before I started blogging, being here has opened the doors of my heart and I am certain that guilt is not only a waste of precious life-force, it is a trickster-y, bogus path.

Have we not consistently been taught by our churches the price of our sins? The real price (of not-knowing we are the daughters and sons of the Love that created the universe) is all the moments we spend separate from this Love. Our lives are hellish or heavenly according to what we believe about ourselves and life–in the present moment and the next present moment. Your thoughts affect the world and all life upon it, as do mine. Our Divine Father and Mother long for us to awaken to their Love because they miss us–and only then will we stop hurting ourselves and others. Based in our shared fears, this world is the world we get. Based in Love, we transform this fear-filled world into one of openness, opportunity, connection, creativity, sharing and peace. As Yoda would say, “Banish fear, we must!”